How Social media can help you to get hired? -Infographic

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Social media can help you to get hired

I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t use Social media. In today’s era, it’s an important part of our life and really we can’t ignore the use of it. Maybe you’re a businessman, student, a house worker, in Job, or nonworking, we all are using it in a various manner such as communicating, advertising, getting news, and for another lot of purposes. But do you know, it could also help you in creating your career or can give a new direction to your current Job?  Yes, I know you’re curious about it how it could be helpful for your career?

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How social media can help you to find your dream job?

I’m going to describe all these things through this infographic. It just as a boon but if you’re using it in the correct way. Are you overwhelmed? If yes, I want to show you career builder 2016 survey. According to it:

60% of employers research job candidates on social media. That’s eight percentage points up from last year and a staggering 49 percentage points up from when the annual social media recruitment survey first began in 2006.Bosses in certain industries are more likely to check a candidate’s profile. IT, for instance, leads the pack with 76% of employers screening job seekers on social media, trailed by sales (65%), financial services (61%), and healthcare and retail (tied at 59%).

Now it’s not difficult to understand for you how social media can help you in boosting your career. Having an account on various social sites is not sufficient, you need to be updated and well manage it .

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How to get hired with social media? – Infographic

Through this infographic, I’ll show you the essential points that you need to take care of while creating your social media profile. Let’s go:

Social media can help you to get hired infographic

These basic tips can help you to increase your hiring opportunities. You should try this out .

Over To you:

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