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I have already shared about Facebook free basics platform . Actually, it’s a free internet using program brought to you by Facebook and If you didn’t read yet, you can take information about it by going through below link:

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Now let me describe you what’s the motive to bring out this post.  Today, there’re more than one billion people who have access to’s free basic services in 40 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America partnering with mobile operators like Airtel. They’re now being able to access free services through the Facebook Free Basics Platform.

According to the Facebook’s update released on 24 Sept 2015:

The program is making an impact on people’s lives by providing free health, education, and economic information. For instance, Smart Business, a website that helps people learn to launch and run a business, now sees 5x more daily searches within their service since launching in South Africa in July, meaning more people are getting access to important economic information.”

So what are you thinking? Should you not take advantage of this service? Yes, if you’re online property owner you can submit your site/blog to free Facebook basic platform so that users on the service can enjoy visiting your blog with their Airtel line for free. But it’s not a very simple task.


I know you’re curious to know about it. If you’re blogger, you can enjoy the service provided by this platform because it’s like an open source of traffic to your blog or site. Could you imagine to get site visitors from 1000 to 100000 within a month without spending a single penny and lots of brain-work?

Another benefit to submit your site to this program is, you can improve your search engine ranking and also help in increase social media page followers. So you can’t underestimate it.

Now let me walk you through this guide step by step:

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1. Open Facebook developer site by going through this link

2. Here you’ll see submit green button , click on it

Submit your post facebook free basics step 1

3. It will take you at partner site where you need to click on submit new site link

4. Now a form will be opened

Submit your post facebook free basics step 2

5. Fill all entries with correct data such as:

  • Contact information
  • Site information
  • Note for reviewer (optional)
  • URL, countries and language support
  1. Click on add URL under URL, countries and language support section
  2. A pop up box will be opened where you need to take free basics viewport test of your site.

Submit your post facebook free basics step 4

8. If all is Ok means all links on your site works properly then you can select language of your site and countries supports to that language otherwise you have to work with your site compatibility.

9. Tick the box that says “I have tested this URL with the device simulator and verify that it functions and appears correctly.”

10. Click on Ok.

11.Now pop up box will be closed and you will back to the previous screen. It’s time to complete Localization section with adding your URL supported countries distinctly.

12. Accept terms and condition and click on submit.




After Submitting your blog, the Facebook team will  review your entry within 3-4 business day. If approved they will inform you via mail and your content will be live on Free Basics for millions of people to access over the world. Unfortunately, if your site doesn’t get approval, they will tell you through mail what issues they found while reviewing process. You can again submit your site after solving particular issues.

you can’t really predict how much audience you will get from Africa, Asia and Latin America that uses the Facebook service for free.

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The main aim of free basics program is to provide people set of free service to bring them online. You can say it’s just like a trial of free internet service for those users who are new on the web and ultimately become paying users if their first experience would be wonderful. To make it effective to new web users, it’s really important to having good content and services that easy to use and helpful for them.

So overall to make it useful, developers and entrepreneurs are precipitating in this program, and offer services to encourage the exploration of the broader internet.

It does not support to some services or media files like video files, VoIP, file transfers, and high-resolution photos (which will be truncated if larger than 200kb). The following things that you must need to check before submitted on free basics:

  • Free Basics does not support Flash resources or Java applets.
  • The site must be mobile compatible and Optimize for feature phones.

You can also check here additional guidelines of free basics:

“Early is the better”

Finally, you can establish your company brand with mobile marketing and over 100 million people who’re visiting the internet daily with their mobile devices.  That’s the really key opportunity for you to make your business visible to the world so that you can have a fastest-growing business environment.

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If you’re business, you should take advantage of this service.Would you not like to share your ideas with us? share your opinions and you’re free to ask your query by drop in the comment box below. And let me know is this article helpful for you or not.

I hope you enjoyed this free basic article please don’t forget to share with your social network.

Happy and safe blogging.

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