Tammy Mazzocco helps homeowners take advantage of Ohio’s Booming real Estate Market

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It is certainly a great time to be a seller in the Ohio real estate market. While the real estate market as a whole in the U.S. has been on the rise for a few years now, Ohio has become a standout in terms of the level of increase in home values, especially in recent years. Homes and condos in Central Ohio are now at a median selling price of $199,950, which is up 8.1 percent from this time last year and 1 percent up from just last month. This is also a new high for home values in Central Ohio and is not expected to decline in the near future. There have been almost no dips in home values during the past year in Ohio.

In addition to the recent rise in home values, a national homebuilder has announced grand plans to build about 240 homes in New Albany, Ohio in the coming year. This development is expected to contribute to a sustained rise in home values for years to come. Real estate experts anticipate that the new community will give rise to additional commercial establishments, which will also fuel a continued demand for homes in Ohio.

There are plenty of great selling points that make Ohio such an attractive area for out of state residents. One of the major reasons that Ohio has become such a desirable place to live is that the cost of living has stayed relatively low in comparison to the rest of the country. Even though home values are increasing, Ohio remains a comparatively cheap place to earn a living. Along with the lower cost of living, Ohio has much to offer right now in the way of middle class jobs. The tech sector has been on a constant rise in Ohio for the past several years and has become one of the most promising areas of job growth in the state. The Ohio public school system has also gained national attention as one of the best in the country, which has allowed many families to forego the expense of sending their children to private school. None of these major advantages are expected to change in the near future, which is why so many homebuyers view the state as a solid investment for raising their families over the long-term.

Although all signs point to Ohio continuing to be a prime market for those looking to sell their home, this will likely be accompanied by an influx of new homebuyers in the Ohio market. This means that for those looking to sell their home at the highest possible asking price, the time to make a move on putting your home on the market is right now. Ohio homeowners who choose to act quickly in listing their homes for sale will be in the best position to take advantage of the increase in home values and the surge in demand for out of state residents looking to move to Ohio.

Tammy Mazzocco has worked as a real estate agent in Ohio for more than two decades now. She has helped countless homebuyers find their dream homes in the state where she has been a prominent member of the business community for her entire professional life. Since Mazzocco has spent her entire professional life in the real estate industry, she has extensive in-depth knowledge of the local markets and history of trends. This gives her clients a serious edge when it comes to getting the premium value for their homes or the best deal possible to move into a new one. She specializes in serving the New Albany area, but Mazzocco has served clients all over the state to find the perfect place to put down roots. When asked how she has achieved such a high level of success in her field, Mazzocco credits her personal drive and goal-oriented nature. She says she is able to stay focused on the tasks at hand each day to achieve her daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. This makes Mazzocco the superior choice for clients looking for quick movement on their home sale. She is always responsive to client requests and goes the extra mile to stay on top of their inquiries and move their home sale along.

One of the many things that distinguish Mazzocco from the many other real estate agents in Ohio is that she treats each one of her clients like family. Mazzocco has been in this business for so long that she understands all aspects of the process that go along with finalizing a home sale. This allows her to walk her clients through the process with a steady hand so that they have all of the information available to them when making such a life-changing decision. Clients of Mazzocco tend to stick with her for future home purchases in Ohio because of her proven track record of moving homes quickly without making her clients feel pressured to go through with a major financial decision. In sum, Mazzocco works hard to make sure that all of her clients have the best experience possible when selling or buying a home in Ohio. This means that clients can expect a fantastic result in finding the right home for them or getting the best value when selling their home as well as gaining insight into the most important aspects of the Ohio real estate market along the way.

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