The Tasty Chocolate Success of Alex Clark

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Alex Clark’s story is right out of a Willy Wonka storybook. When Clark was told by business professionals that her ideas were unfit for the mainstream and that she should stop, this only furthered her drive to become more successful. Her chocolate company Bon Bon Bon was started on what Clark truly loves, hard work. Growing up in Detroit, Clark learned to really value hard work. When Clark first started in the chocolate industry, she had a lot of ideas that were fairly unique. One example of this out of the box chocolate thinking is that the packaging should never cost more than the chocolate itself. The product should speak for itself.

Handmade chocolates are quickly disappearing in our world of fast paced over produced snacks. However, at Bon Bon Bon, it was very important to make sure all of the chocolates are still made by hand. Clark decided to challenge many of the antiquated ideas in the chocolate industry because she felt like her new ideas just made sense. This type of thinking is a where a great deal of Bon Bon Bon’s success has stemmed from.

The story of how Bon Bon Bon got their start is something out of an Adam Sandler movie. After a taxi cab accident, Clark was awarded $32,000 in damages. Due to the nature of obtaining this money quickly in a settlement, Clark was willing to be very risky with the settlement funds. Instead of working for other chocolate makers, Clark was going to branch out on her own and finally start the chocolate shop she had dreamed of for so long.

When this small chocolate shop started, the $32,000 didn’t get them everything that they really needed to start off on the right foot. However, they went ahead and created their shop without looking back once. Creating an experience was at the top of the list for Bon Bon Bon employees and founders. This was a very inexpensive way to set them apart from the boring corporate chocolate shops.

Clark realized that after a certain point, nothing was going to hold her back from her success. She has stated that you can get to a point in your business where no matter what anyone else says to you, the belief you have in your business will not falter. With a new real estate purchase, Bon Bon Bon now has the possibility to make millions of chocolates a year and reach an international market. That isn’t bad for a small chocolate shop that started with just $32,000 dollars.

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