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After her breakup with streaming services following the release of 1989 nearly three years ago, Taylor Swift has finally gotten back together gotten back together with the industry. Since 1989 has now sold 10 million records and Taylor Swift has sold 100 million overall songs, she has announced her return to numerous streaming services including Spotify, Pandora Premium, and Amazon. Spotify has confirmed that a full collection of her albums is now available as of midnight on Thursday, June 8th.

In 2014, after Taylor Swift released her album 1989, she quickly pulled her albums from Spotify. When asked about the reasons, she responded by writing an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. She continued to explain that her main motivations for removing her music were that the profits were significantly lower than digital and physical album sales. She also remarked in the op-ed that, “Piracy, file sharing and streaming have shrunk the numbers of paid album sales drastically.”

The only streaming service she continued to keep her music on was Apple Music, whose three-month trial period caused her great irritation. During this trial period for listeners, artists did not receive royalties, which led to Swift to take on the policy as she gathered that this was to force artists to accept less in favor of the company. Ultimately, the fight was successful, and artists now earn royalties on the songs played during the three-month period. Her music still remains on Apple Music, which has now fallen behind Spotify at the tune of 23 million subscribers.

Recently, streaming services have largely overtaken physical and digital album sales, encouraging artists to host their music there in addition to more traditional venues. While artists still receive royalties from streaming services, the majority of profits are made through the sale of concert tickets and merchandise. Streaming services offer more opportunities for someone who casually listens to the radio to explore more music from an artist, hopefully creating more fans and boosting other sales.

After nearly three years, listeners can fill the blank space in their streaming services by enjoying all of Swift’s albums. Thanks to her shaking off her gripes with the industry, fans can now enjoy their favorite artist without forsaking their streaming providers.

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