Academy of Art University on Producing Opportunity for International Graduates for Today’s Art and Design-Hungry Job Market

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The US job market for designers is booming, and there is currently a high demand for those skilled in art and design. An estimated 70 percent of creative professionals and 64 percent of marketing professionals report their teams to be severely understaffed. When asked about which roles they would prioritize in the hiring process, their answers include web design and production.

Furthermore, according to the Creative Group 2018 Salary Guide, an estimated 45 percent of advertising and marketing executives find it challenging to find highly skilled and creative professionals. This means that there is a need for individuals with expertise in the field. This is particularly true for those whose skill set is diverse and who are comfortable wearing more than one hat. Their skills will place them ahead of everyone in the applicant pool and may also land them a higher salary. Examples of this include a graphic designer who is also experienced in creating videos or an art director who also knows how to write snappy copy.

Another aspect that contributes to this year’s strong job market is employers’ desire to retain skilled individuals. An estimated 52 percent of executives report to be worried about employee retention. This is congruent with the fact that one in every three employees is considering switching companies within the next six months. This combination of companies seeking to keep employers while they are seeking to make a switch in a short amount of time is an advantage for those who are entering the job market.

Efforts to Improve Work Environments for Artists

There are additional noteworthy points that make the job market as favorable as it is this year. The competition for skilled designed professionals is resulting in better perks that are offered by creative agencies. Furthermore, more than ever, creative employers are granting their staff flexibility in the workplace, such as choosing when and where they want to work. In fact, as many as 76 percent of companies reported that they offer some form of alternative work arrangement.

How Academy of Art University Prepares Students for Design Careers

Academy of Art University in San Francisco offers an array of modern degree programs and as such produces graduates with the aforementioned professional skills that are highly sought after in the current job market. The Academy of Art University has a curriculum that is not only well aligned with the shifting relationship of art and business toward one interdisciplinary field, but it houses several schools that educate students in all the right fields for today’s professional demands. The institution’s schools range from acting to art history to graphic design to landscape architecture and photography, to name a few. The School of Graphic Design, for example, offers its students a chance to create a well-rounded and diverse portfolio that showcases their creativity as well as a strong problem-solving acumen. Students also get a chance to learn about the effects of sustainability on design. According to the school’s website, their Academics programs “are designed to equip aspiring artists and designers with a comprehensive toolbox of knowledge and marketable skills that they will use in their future career.”

An Outlet for International Students Interested in Design

Furthermore, the institution welcomes prospective students from all over the world. The Academy of Art University offers many resources for its international students such as travel, visa renewals as well as information about how they can get involved and succeed not only in their studies but also following graduation in terms of gaining employment eligibility.

Their website includes links that provide international students with detailed instructions pertaining to obtaining their I-20 form, F-1 visa as well as when, where and how to make the appropriate payments as well as submit relevant visa forms prior to arrival on campus.

On the same websites, international students are provided with detailed guidelines regarding when and how to apply for classes following completion of all visa-related documents. Students are also informed about every step from the moment they arrive in the United States, such as how to arrive at the school, campus and housing as well as payments and health insurance procedures. Additionally, international students are provided with all relevant administrative information that is needed as they are seeking employment. The Academy of Art University provides step-by-step guidelines as well as links to relevant forms all in one place.

If you are an international student interested in a career in art and design, it is incredibly important to follow all policy and instruction so that you stay on top of all the required forms and applications necessary to living, studying and working in the US.

Wherever your interests lie in the realm of art and design, the job market today is hungry for experienced, educated and diverse applicants. With increasing recruitment efforts and a desire to retain talent, it is clear our professional environment has a massive place for creatives from around the world.

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