The Client-First Approach to Finance: Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia

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When Graeme Holm launched Infinity Group Australia in 2013, his goal was to help everyday Australians improve their finances and secure their futures. Since then, Holm’s customer-driven approach has gotten proven results, and Infinity Group Australia has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing debt reduction and money management services.

In a recent interview, Holm sat down to discuss his approach to finance, business, and life.

About Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm is an MBA Top 100 Broker and the director of Infinity Group Australia, with locations in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie. Holm’s career in financial services spans over 17 years, with his first decade spent in a Big Four banking environment.

There, Holm became frustrated with pushing just one branded products and services and with Australian families receiving a poor deal from financial institutions. In 2013, Holm and his partner (in life and in business), Rebecca Walker, combined their passion for finance and their desire to get a better deal for Australian families, and Infinity Group Australia was born.

About Infinity Group Australia

After spending six months in research and development on problems with the Australian mortgage market, Graeme Holm found a lack of ongoing support, advice, guidance, and services for families. Infinity Group Australia changes this approach, providing a personal banker to help clients pay their loans off as quickly as possible. Clients receive monthly performance reports, detailed reviews, and assistance developing and maintaining budgets to ensure their success.

And the approach produces results: 100% of clients pay more off their home loan in the first 3 months with Infinity Group Australia than they did in the entire 12 months prior with the old bank structure. With guidance and support from Infinity Group Australia, clients eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt within 12 months.

The award-winning Infinity Group Australia offers services in debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.

From Idea to Reality

When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker opened Infinity Group Australia’s first office, they had a couple of desks and one big idea: to transform the Australian loan market. Holm understood that most clients live paycheck to paycheck and make only minimum loan repayments across the 30-year term. He aimed to change that.

“At Infinity, we brought to life the concept of ongoing guidance and support throughout the life cycle of the client loan journey. Think of a ‘personal trainer for your finances.’ If you go to the gym with a personal trainer, you will get better results than without one,” says Holm.

And this sentiment rings true for Infinity Group Australia’s clients. They repay home loans with 30-year terms within 7-10 years on average. Holm says it’s all about having the right structures in place. “By having a financial coach, sticking to a weekly cash-based budget and depositing all other forms of income directly into a fully transactional loan account, you reduce daily interest charges and learn to live on the weekly budget. If you combine these strategies without falling victim to excessive spending like those new shoes or that new Tech gadget, you can and will repay your home loan in record pace.”

Infinity Group Australia Reviews

Holm explains that most borrowers love Infinity Group Australia’s supportive approach. Clients can go to work and spend time with their families while knowing that the bills are taken care of. This removes a great deal of stress.

Infinity Group Australia reviews confirm that Holm and his staff help ease their clients’ financial concerns. Customers emphasize that Graeme Holm and his team are friendly. They genuinely care about their clients’ families and make the process comfortable. Client Rachel Ninham says, “The kids are happier because we are happier, less stressed, have fun, and laugh again.”

Families also credit Infinity Group Australia with helping them reach their loftiest financial goals. “An expert told us that we were not in a position to buy an investment property. Since joining Infinity, we have four and own our own home,” say Andrew and Karene Shephard.

NRL player Jayson Bukuya says, “Thanks to the Infinity team, we’ve now purchased our first family home, which we never thought we’d be able to do.”

Collaboration and Customer Service

So what is the key to all this success? Graeme Holm says collaboration has played a key role in bringing his idea to life. “Through collaboration, we find that people and ideas are stronger. We have a strong culture within our business and we encourage employees to fill the suggestion box, share innovative ideas, and collaborate with other industry professionals,” he explains.

Excellent customer service, too, has been instrumental in the growth of the business. Infinity Group Australia provides customer-centric products and services, and they are devoted to creating a positive customer experience. “Our entire business is now guided by CX and we most recently won the Customer Experience Management Award’s 2018 ‘Overall Best Organization CX’ in Australia.”

Infinity Group Australia also gets involved with the community, giving away a Jeep and a $30,000 home renovation, providing need-based dance studio scholarships, and sponsoring the Cronulla Sharks. (That same year, the Cronulla Sharks went on to win their first NRL Premiership, perhaps coincidentally.)

In addition to collaboration and customer service, emerging trends in Fintech excite Holm. Moving forward, he plans to combine Fintech with CX “to deliver exceptional customer-centric outcomes.” Holm uses Fintech, specifically My Prosperity, to manage his clients’ financial performance and monitor his own financial position.

A Day in the Life of Graeme Holm

In his own life, Graeme Holm applies the same principles of positivity and productivity that drive his business. He starts the day with physical and mental exercise (reading a book or listening to a podcast). He also maintains a personal schedule that is divided into 30-minute increments to maximize productivity.

Holm separates daily tasks into two categories: transactional and transformational (things that will change his business). Transactional tasks are delegated to appropriate staff, while Holm attends to transformational tasks himself.

After evening client meetings, Holm creates a list of his top five transformational actions for the following day. “Before saying goodnight, I make a commitment to these actions. Nothing gets in the way of these five goals.”

One productive habit Holm recommends to others is dealing with the most difficult order of business to start the day. “If you tackle the most difficult thing first each day, it will propel you into the day with confidence and charisma. You will walk a little taller and speak a little more confidently,” he says.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Holm says his most significant business hurdle to date has been “finding equally passionate and genuine industry talent.” He advises other entrepreneurs, “Stay true to your passion and success. Stop searching and focus on your core objective. The right talent will present itself, and it is usually when you’re not looking at all.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs also shouldn’t be afraid to offer value for free, Holm says. Offering a business owner a free consultation to reduce expenses or increase productivity may land you a paid consulting opportunity within the firm. “My personal motto is if I have delivered so much value for free, imagine what value is aligned with my paid service offering!”

When asked for a book recommendation, Holm names The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli. He reads it at least twice a year. “I highly recommend this for all entrepreneurs,” he says. “It mentions one of the most profound business shifts I have ever experienced.”

What’s Next?

Since Infinity Group Australia’s humble beginnings with a couple of desks, the business has expanded to include five locations, one dedicated specifically to sports and entertainment. The company has won numerous awards in customer service, innovation, and more.

In the future, Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia will continue coaching Australian families to financial fitness and secure futures.

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