The Strange Post Prime Minister Life Of David Cameron

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David Cameron was once the most powerful man in Great Britain. He was the Prime Minister of the country from his first election in 2010 to his resignation in 2016. While he maintained a pretty clean and crisp appearance in public during those years, it seems that his post political life is a little different.

The Daily Mail reports that certain aspects of the life of the former Prime Minister have been downright odd and even cringe worthy.

Just last month it has been reported that David Cameron and his wife Samantha joined a private club where a naked female dancer wearing only a necklace performed a show. They also took an odd picture to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary which was shared on Instagram. This picture featured the couple lying in bed together except that the viewer was treated only to a site of their feet together.

The former Prime Minister was also seen in London buying a pack of socks but realized that he had purchased the wrong size. He went back into the store to swap them out for the right size and pushed ahead of around ten other people waiting in line in order to pay again. The whole time he was alleged to have been muttering on about how he was going to be late for an appointment with the former U.S. President Barack Obama.

The incident made a lot of waves on Twitter as people jumped on to criticize the former Prime Minister and his seeming belief that his time was more valuable than anyone else in the store. Some said that it was typical of him to do something like this. He probably got a sense of privilege by being waited on hand and foot while being the Prime Minister.

Some close to the former Prime Minister say that being out of the political spotlight has been difficult for him. The British are set to hold an election in just five days, and it will be the first one in a long time that Cameron has not been any part of. That may be at least part of the reason why his behavior has been so seemingly erratic as of late. We just hope there aren’t any more odd Instagram photos to come.

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