The Varied Menu Offered At Happy’s Pizza LLC Works Well In Today’s World

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With more than 60 restaurant locations situated in Michigan, Ohio and Nevada, Happy’s Pizza LLC is a very popular restaurant chain. The company was founded in 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, with just one store. Today, there are 11 of these pizza stores located just in Detroit.

Demonstrating its commitment to the communities it serves, Happy’s Pizza restaurants have repeatedly donated food to homeless shelters, missions and various community programs through the years. This pizza chain has also donated large numbers of winter coats to citizens of Detroit.

Five different sizes of pizzas are served at Happy’s Pizza LLC, and customers can choose from 25 toppings. Deep dish pizzas, specially flavored crusts and a dozen types of specialty pizzas are other menu favorites here.

In addition to their flavorful pizza pies, Happy’s serves a wide variety of delicious food items. The chicken wings served at Happy’s are available plain, with a dry rub or with one of their 12 tasty dipping sauces. Fried chicken dinners, served with fries, bread sticks and slaw are crowd-favorites here, as are their roasted chicken dinners.

A special addition to the menu at Happy’s stores is the assortment of BBQ ribs dinners that are available. Served with fries, bread sticks and slaw, these dinners are available in snack, half slab and whole slab portions. Besides the appetizing ribs, there are BBQ spicy sausage links, rib tips and BBQ chicken dinners on the menu.

Buffalo chicken, rib eye steak and pulled pork varieties of loaded fries are great meals on their own, or accompanied by luscious cheese breads and bread sticks.

There are burgers, salads, fish sandwiches and a nice selection of subs to partake of at Happy’s Pizza. For hearty appetites, the dinner combinations at these eateries are quite appealing. Diners have their choice of proteins, such as chicken tenders, hot links, Cajun perch, rib tips or shrimp. Add to that, fries, bread sticks and slaw, and you have some very appealing dinners.

Seafood dinners are another specialty at Happy’s Pizza. Fish and chips, Cajun-spiced perch, fried catfish, hand-battered shrimp and filet of fish sandwich are among the delectable seafood items there.

For a sweet treat, Happy’s serves a great selection of deserts, including banana pudding, cheesecake, giant chocolate chip cookies, brownies and peach cobbler.

Whether you enjoy a tasty meal at one of their store/restaurants, or have your favorite menu items delivered, Happy’s Pizza always serves fresh and delicious foods at reasonable prices. Catering of most menu items is usually available through their website and/or stores.

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