Theresa May on Moving Forward despite Weakened numbers in Parliament

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Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to remain in power despite an unexpected election blow that saw her Conservative Party weaken, putting the country in a political tailspin. May had called for snap elections hoping to strengthen her numbers in parliament. She has vowed to remain in power to oversee the Brexit move and has promised no more delays in negotiations with the European Union. Negotiations are expected to begin later this month.

Given that her party no longer enjoys majority numbers in parliament, she will now form a minority government with Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland. She is hoping the new government will provide certainty in leading Britain at this critical time. She now faces major challenges in parliament after her election gamble on Thursday saw her tip the scales in favor of her opponents.

To Resign or Not

The shocking election results now bring into question whether May will be able to maintain her hold on 10 Downing Street. Her new ally, Arlene Foster, has questioned whether May will survive as prime minister, saying that she thought it would be difficult for her to survive. Foster is the leader of the DUP.

Foster’s doubts are supported by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, all of a sudden has a distant shot of becoming prime minister some day. Corbyn’s party gained political mileage in the just concluded elections. In a speech, he called on May to resign as prime minister. May, however, countered Corbyn’s morning speech by saying that the country is in need of a period of stability adding that given that the Conservatives still had the largest numbers in parliament, they should be allowed to govern.

Given that May’s party experienced a catastrophic outcome in the concluded elections, the party may need to look for a new leader. Anna Soubry, a Conservative member of parliament, told the BBC that May was in a tough place. This was in response to a question to whether the current prime minister should resign.Despite the election not going as May had anticipated, observers hailed her move as a “cunning bit of political strategy.”

Moving Forward

After her predecessor’s resignation, May enjoyed a slender majority in parliament. Moving forward, May has promised to take care of Britain’s interests in the Brexit move. She will be looking for a free-trade deal that preserves the best elements of EU membership without many of the burdensome consequences of the exit. European leaders have, however, scoffed at this thinking saying that giving sweet exit deals may trigger a rush by other countries to also leave the bloc.

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