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Kathy Griffin is known for comedy and her outspoken words. She has never been a person to hold anything back, which is what many people like about her. However, when she recently shared a picture of her holding a severed Donald Trump head with what appears to be blood on the top and sides, everyone from social media to news channels had their own opinions of what should happen to her.

Griffin has given a few news conferences to offer a bit of insight as to why she performed the act in the first place. Her latest conference discussed the threats she is receiving and how President Trump and his family want to us the power that they have against her. Griffin has appeared with her attorney at the press conferences. Both Griffin and Lisa Bloom have discussed the details of the incident with the head and the details of the threats that have poured in over the course of a few days.

President Trump is being accused of trying to personally ruin the life of another, that person being Kathy Griffin. The United States Secret Service has been in contact with her, and Griffin soon hired a criminal lawyer after those contacts were made. Griffin has lost many jobs with shows being scheduled over the summer now being canceled. She has been fired from news channels and television shows. She is also getting death threats from people in the general public online and in person.

Lisa Bloom has been in the spotlight before as she has represented several high-profile cases, such as Wendy Walsh who is known for accusing Bill O’Reilly of acts of sexual harassment. Griffin has issued apologies and understands that she took the incident a bit far. Even with the threats and the fears that Griffin has, she plans on making President Trump more of a joke in her acts now than she did before.

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