How to make a twitter bot to automate things without having coding skill?

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how to create a twiter bot?

If you’re also one of the Tech fascinated people who is always looking for tools and software to automate things, then you’re landed at right place. Because today I’m going to introduce you how can you make a Twitter Bot that’s able to do everything like favorite, retweet, reply tweets or even send DMs to users.

With this tutorial, You don’t require any coding skill and your Twitter bot will be up and running in few minutes.


  1. Twitter’s rule
  2. Why this twitter bot?
  3. Let’s Start:
  4. Last words

Twitter’s rule:

Before to go along this method and setting up your bot, you must aware of the twitter’s spamming strict rule:

“Updated April 7, 2016

This page is mostly intended for developers.

Users: you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your account, which means you shouldn’t let a third-party application access or use your account unless you’ve thoroughly investigated the application. Automation may result in your content being filtered from search results. In addition, if your account automation violates the Twitter Rules (by Retweeting spam updates, repeatedly posting duplicate links, etc.), your account may be suspended. For more information on third-party applications, please see our help page on Connecting or revoking third-party applications.”

Yes, bots may be work like a spamming but if used properly, then it could help to grow your Twitter network. So First you create a separate Twitter account to test your bots.

Why this twitter bot?

The bot is a program that runs in the background and performs the certain action in a defined interval for which they are made. It can retweets, favorites, on the basis of hashtags and replies to other users if they follow it. It can follow a Twitter user who has tweeted a particular phrase.


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Let’s Start:

This is your testing phase so you should start with a new twitter account.

Step 1: Set Up a New Account With Twitter

This is where your bot’s tweets will live. Setting up an account is pretty straightforward. Go to the sign-up page and fill required information to sign in.

Step 2: Create a Twitter App for Your Bot

Awesome, you have a fresh new Twitter account. Now we have to set up the “bot” part of the account. Go to to get this started. Now go along with the steps below:

  • Click “Create New App.”
  • A “Create an application” form will be opened. Here, you’ll enter some basic details about your bot.

You can always change these if you want. There’s also no need to put in info for the Callback URL field.

  • Check the Twitter Developer agreement box and hit the “create your twitter application” button.twitter bot setup 1
  • Once the Twitter app has been created, you will see the detail page.
  • Click the “Permissions” tab and change the access level to Read, Write and Access Direct Messagestwiter setup 2

twitter bot setup 3

  • Now hit the “update setting” button.twitter bot setup 4

Step 3: Keys and access Tokens

Your new Twitter app comes with strings of numbers called keys and tokens. These numbers allow the open-source code to connect with Twitter so it can do things like tweet for us.

Through this section, you need to generate an “access tokens” and “consumer key” that we need in the next step. For this,

  • Go to the “Keys and Access Tokens” tabtwitter bot setup 5
  • Scroll down the page
  • Hit the “Create my access tokens” button under “token actions” section.twitter bot setup 6

On that same page, you’ll see four things:

  1. Consumer Key (API Key)
  2. Consumer Secret (API Secret)
  3. Access Token
  4. Access Token Secret

Noted it.

Step 4: How to configure your Twitter bots?

For this step, I want to say thanks to Amit Agarwal (web geek and founder of Digital Inspiration). Because he provided the simulator to run the bot without knowledge of any coding language.

  • So open the org/bots link to open the Twitter bots application.
  • Then you’ll see the notification to authorize the bot. Click the “review permission” button and in next the step pop-up box will appear, give the permission.twitter bot setup 7
  • Enter the values of Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Secret that have been generated in step 3.
  • Now, specify the search phrase for the bots and select the action.
  • Enter the text and select the initializing and ending time of twitter bot.
  • Click “create the twitter bot“.twitter bot setup 8

The app will find all new tweets that match from the specified search phrase and process them all, one at a time.

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Last words:

Promising to do anything in under an hour is tough when it comes to technology. The whole concept is attracting and a lot of interesting. If you’ve any confusion regarding this topic, please ask by dropping in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share it with your social world.

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