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Udemy is a wide online learning platform where you could not only learn but also teach something in which you’re expert. In a previous post, I have already discussed all initial things. Now I ‘m going to discuss some useful Udemy tips.


There are following useful Udemy tips for everyone who’s interested in join udemy as an instructor or student. Let’s continue.


  1. Before you purchase any course, make sure Is there available any alternative in free of cost? Because sometimes you just need only basics and free courses are good choices to learn about basics of any professional course.
  2. Is there available any coupon for that desired course? Because some promotional coupons provide you 50% off that’s beneficial for both, you and instructor.

You could find coupon through particular instructor’s site or Facebook page.

  1. Before to take course check instructor review and the course detail, what they cover topics under particular course.
  2. Make sure Is your instructor offers the 30-day money back guarantee? (Good option if you’re not satisfied from your current instructor then you have the option move to another instructor)

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If you want to become or already instructor on udemy apply these tips to secure your reputation and success and make udemy as your lifetime income:

  1. Are you offering coupon codes via any online platform? If No, first do this.
  2. Show all your achievements on your profile. It would help you to attract students towards your course.
  3. Divide your course into three parts: Basic, intermediate, expert. Offer basic part for free of cost because most of the students are attracted towards free courses. If they like the basic part they will surely enroll for your premium courses and you won’t need udemy marketing. By this, you can earn 97% of tuition revenue.
  4. Provide certificate after course completion because most of the student need this and them to apply for jobs.
  5. Provide learning medium (Video, pdf, .zip files, audio, presentation etc) in very concise format and to the point because nobody wants to waste their time in extra unuseful things.

Just like everywhere here is also competition higher so you have to maintain your quality. All above udemy tips help you to stand out in the market.


If you want to kick off your udemy account there are very simple steps:

  1. First of all, delete all your courses that you have joined or might be as an instructor.
  2. Go to your profile (by click on pencil image)


3. Click on danger zone and hit delete.

Now your account has been deleted.


Udemy uses high promotional techniques and we should leverage their knowledge. We can compare udemy with Amazon and Lynda because They all provide high value to their customer. So We can say It’s a next contender of the internet market. They also consider Google’s SEO techniques and prefer how to search techniques to maintain their ranking on SERPs.

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Happy,safe and make money blogging.

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