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We all are using Facebook for connecting relatives, friends, and sharing special moments. Earlier I’ve shared watch Facebook videos on TV. And Now this social media giant took out new Internal Communications platform . The platform is known as Workplace by Facebook that connects all employees within the organization, allowing data, information and knowledge to be freely shared, and enterprises to become more open and transparent.


In the same way as Google+ for Work, Workplace by Facebook tries to adapt social networks for private use at businesses.

Users of the site won’t be required to have their own personal Facebook page, but Workplace by Facebook— which is launching as a desktop and mobile app with News Feed, Groups both for your own company and with others, Chat direct messaging, Live video, Reactions, translation features, and video and audio calling — is now opening up to anyone to use, and the operative word here is “anyone”.

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Facebook wrote in their Blog post

We started testing a version of Facebook for the workplace with a few other organizations over a year ago.

Now, more than 1,000 organizations around the world use Workplace (formerly known as Facebook at Work). People have created nearly 100,000 groups and the top five countries using Workplace are India, the US, Norway, UK, and France. We’re excited by the progress we’ve made and the level of adoption and engagement we’re seeing.

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Workplace by Facebook is an internal corporate social network that has the same look and feel as Facebook, making it an easy tool for employees to adopt, but keeps corporate data separate and secure, Codorniou says.

Unlike Facebook, which is supported by advertising, Facebook plans to charge businesses to use Workplace. And its Pricing looks fair for all the features you get. The grand total is $3/month up to 1,000 users, $2/month for 1K-10K users, and $1/month for 10K+ users (all pricing is per user).

Facebook only counts alert users in this amount, and Workplace is absolutely free for non-profits and educational foundation. And if your firm signs up before January 1, 2017, you get a three-month free trial period starting on that day.

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‘We’ve been amazed by the breadth of the organisations who’ve embraced Workplace – from a shipping company that can now connect with their ship crews using Live video, to a bank that now uses Workplace instead of fax machines and newsletters to share updates with this distributed bank branches,” Facebook said in a statement.

Among the organizations already using the platform are Danoe, Starbucks,, Oxfam, YES Bank in India and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore.

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  1. It offers everything we crazy about Facebook, but now available for organizations and businesses:  Mobile simplistic accessibility, Just over half of Facebook users exclusively log in from a mobile device. And the new global and mobile workplace isn’t about closed-door meetings or keeping people separated by title, department or geography.Organizations are stronger and more productive when everyone comes together.
  2. Your employee already knows how to use things: Todays population already used facebook and Workplace by Facebook is working as the same manner.So After email, this is the only internal communications platform that doesn’t need any specific training.
  3. The importance of internal communication:  We know How Internal engagement is an important endeavor for organizations. But as communicators know, modern tools for internal comms haven’t always been available.With a huge business company like Facebook showing a vested interest in employee collaboration and engagement, it proves that internal comms is under the thumb of major players and stakeholders should take notice.
  4. Live Video and Group work chat Similar to Facebook Live, the Workplace by Facebook Live Video feature allows members of your organization to broadcast a message via video and quickly disseminate information to a decentralized population.This feature might be well suited for a CEO update or message, and with Facebook’s infrastructure, it would work reliably.

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Along with other innovators like Slack, Workplace is bringing new, open technology to organizations that share the same communication values. Any time internal communicators have access to new tools to make their jobs easier and communicate messages painlessly, it’s a victory and the profession benefits. Their goal is to engage employees and enhance the employee experience, that means staying ahead of trends!

Will Workplace change our communication style at work in the same way? And, what’s next?

Let us know what you think about this business platform Workplace by Facebook in the comments below! How do you think the new tool will impact the role of the internal communicator?


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