You Can’t Go Wrong With Paul Griff’s System Of Leasing Salons For Beauticians Who Want To Run Their Own Operations

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The Mosaic Salon Group is one of the Evergreen State’s most well-known beauty parlors. It has been in operation for over two decades, with married couple Nancy and Paul Griff atop the business network’s corporate ladder. As a matter of fact, they, together, founded the Washington-based ring of salons!

What sets Paul Griff apart from his competitors?

Many owners of salons make significantly more than the people who work there in exchange for daily booth fees. This leads many beauty professionals to find ways to lease, rent, or own their very own hairdressing, esthetician, or otherwise beauty-related studios.

This industry has several barriers to entry, however

The first thing to know about forming one’s own salon as a beauty professional – let’s assume the prospective salon owner, in this case, is named Jesse and is a hairdresser – is that people like Jesse typically don’t make that much money.

As such, unless they’re fortunate enough to have inherited trust funds or have substantial financial assistance from parents and other family members, they’re forced to seek financing to purchase salons as their – more or less, this really is their only feasible option – only available choice.

Most contemporary local and metropolitan beauty industries have already reached capacity in terms of the number of active salons that regularly provide services like massages, hairdressing, and the like. Competing with already-established salons, which often rely on word of mouth – by the way, salons are full of gossip and conversations regarding friends, family members, and members of that local community – is almost always out of the question!

Paul Griff makes starting one’s own salon easy

Okay – we’ve established that most beauticians can’t afford to purchase their own salons.

What are they to do?

Paul Griff has worked on a unique, one-of-a-kind system by which he leases one of three pre-furnished types of salon facilities to beauticians that pass the rigorous interview process, have great reviews online, and who are able to come forth with several positive reviews from previous employers.

Mr. Griff also requires lessees to undergo a probationary period lasting a few months during which they must drum up a minimum amount of earnings on both a weekly and monthly basis in order to make it out of the starting gates – another way of referring to Paul Griff’s initially-required probationary period.

The three types of salons

Single studio salons are ideal for people who want to focus on growing their own client bases; in other words, lessees are new to such areas. Premier studios are offered to beauticians who have substantial numbers of reliable, trusting clients in that local area. Spa studios are ideal for people who fit the requirements of premier studios, and want to hire new beauticians to help the lessee service clients.

Why choose Paul Griff’s proprietary leasing system?

Mosaic Salon Group locations’ lessees make their own hours thanks to being offered 24-hour access. All are included with luxury-class interior designs. Utilities, laundry, and Wi-Fi are all included in the lease price. Also, lessees are always given blueprints to success that Paul Griff himself has crafted and refined over the years.

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