Zuckerberg Returns To Harvard To Visit Old Dorm

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Mark Zuckerberg is a household name because he is of course the inventor of the world’s largest social media website Facebook. Since he is so famous it is easy to understand why he is in such high demand when it comes to giving speeches and the like. Recently, the college that he dropped out of in order to run Facebook had him back on campus to deliver the commencement address.

CNBC.com talks about how Zuckerberg even had the opportunity to visit the dorm room that he lived in during his brief time on the campus. It has been 13 years since he was in that room, and it is a very special room since it is where Facebook was born so to speak.

It was perhaps a little eery to have the now incredibly famous and incredibly rich CEO and founder of Facebook viewing the same area that it all started. He could even point to the very desk and chair that he used to do the programming in the early days. He personally was involved with a lot of the programming in those early days, so it was his work and then the work of others that really made this happen.

Zuckerberg took a video of the whole thing and pointed out where his co-founders would also work on things. It was definitely kind of cool for those who love a good origin story and who are big fans of Facebook.

They were able to share some war stories from the early days such as their invention of “FaceSmash” which was used to compare the attractiveness of their classmates against one another. That little side project was almost enough to get the pair expelled from the campus. However, their next project would make them world famous and a force all to themselves.

The founder was then able to share stories from the very early days of Facebook in which he was eating Hot Pockets from a local gas station and writing up code himself. Those early days were on a shoestring budget in a lot of ways, but they made due with the opportunities that they had. The rest of the world can be thankful that they did considering the huge impact it has on all of our lives today. There is now plenty of talk about what Zuckerberg will do for his next act, but these fateful days back in 2004 were some that would change the course of history.

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