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November 30, 2021 0

Dr. Laura Esserman Brings WISDOM to Cancer

By Stephen Callahan

When it comes to breast cancer screening and awareness, Dr. Laura Esserman is attempting to break the rules. She is the lead at Carol Franc Buick Breast Cancer Center, and she also developed a research group at the San Francisco-based...

November 22, 2021 0

Renown Psychiatrist Allen Lipscomb Addresses Conspiracy Theories in the Mental Health Profession

By Stephen Callahan

Conspiracy Theories and Mental Health When we think about conspiracy theories, we think about one's strong beliefs and the facts...

November 4, 2021 0

Kelly Rowland Takes Care of Her Family and Stays Positive in These Tough Times

By Stephen Callahan

One of the biggest challenges the world has had to face is coming to terms with the pandemic. Although the...


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November 25, 2021 0

Elon Musk on His Crypto Portfolio

By Stephen Callahan

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most talked-about topics in the tech industry. Most businesses today have started accepting crypto currencies as a mode of payment for goods and services. Elon...


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November 2, 2021 0

NTSB Boss Tells Elon Musk to Change Tesla’s Autopilot Design

By Stephen Callahan

Jennifer Homendy, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) asks Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, in a letter to change the design of the drive assistant system in Teslas...


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September 22, 2021 0

Dana White Had Great Things To Say About a Houston Hotel

By Stephen Callahan

Dana White, UFC's president, has been familiar with the most fantastic hotel rooms. However, Post Oak in Houston tops the...

September 21, 2021 0

Christina Applegate Has Multiple Sclerosis and Gets Emotional Sometimes

By Stephen Callahan

While Christina Applegate seems to have lived a blessed life, she's also been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She admits...

August 10, 2021 0

Sam Heughan Reflects on James Bond Audition

By Stephen Callahan

Actor Sam Heughan is one of those rare actors, one who receives a second chance at superstardom. Heughan recently auditioned...

July 8, 2021 0

Podcast Conversation with the Man Who Lost $400 Million in Bitcoin

By Stephen Callahan

Dr. Chris Brummer, a professor at Georgetown Law, has long been a respected name when analyzing the confluence of finance,...

April 26, 2021 0

How Oprah Winfrey is Changing the Art of Media Interviews

By Stephen Callahan

In the entertainment world today, there are very many individuals who are currently coming up with some very entertaining aspects...

April 12, 2021 0

Patrick Mahomes Looking to Cash in On NFT Boom

By Stephen Callahan

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is jumping in on the current trend of non-fungible tokens. Patrick Mahomes is now...