Month: August 2019

August 30, 2019 0

Keeping Up With Veljko Paunovic

By Stephen Callahan

Who is Veljko Paunovic?
Veljko Paunovic is a well-known retired soccer player from Serbia. He is famous for his versatility and agility. Besides being an excellent soccer player, Paunovic also is a professional soccer coach. Paunovic has played with soccer teams from continent to continent. He is most known for his professional career in Spain. While playing for Spain, Veljko Paunovic was able to represent eight different clubs, and he achieved a total of 38 goals during his trajectory in Spain. Apart from his time in Spain, Paunovic has also played for the United States, Germany, and Russia. read more

August 29, 2019 0

Q & A with Mark Holyoake

By Stephen Callahan

With a penchant for growing fledgling companies, streamlining processes, and garnering long-term stability within large scale organizations, Mark Holyoake’s repertoire includes many impressive ventures. Throughout his illustrious career, Holyoake has redefined the international business model, and has developed the necessary infrastructure to sustain long-term success for his companies. Mark Holyoake earned his degree in business from the University of Reading in 1995, and post-matriculation, immediately set out to spearhead several international real estate developments, as well as equity investments within the private food sector. read more

August 27, 2019 0

Max Salk and The Value of an Eclectic Mix of Interests

By Stephen Callahan

For the vast majority of us, juggling our professional and personal lives is enough of a task by itself even if we don’t have as many interests and pursuits as Max Salk. But the well-traveled Salk—a landscape photographer, financial professional, dedicated volunteer, and an avid sports fan—makes it all look so easy. Making his juggling act even more impressive is the seemingly wide gulf of dissimilarity between his interests. After all, most financial professionals aren’t the type of people who you’d expect to be toting a camera around the world taking pictures of breathtaking landscapes. read more