Keeping Up With Veljko Paunovic

August 30, 2019 0 By Stephen Callahan

Who is Veljko Paunovic?
Veljko Paunovic is a well-known retired soccer player from Serbia. He is famous for his versatility and agility. Besides being an excellent soccer player, Paunovic also is a professional soccer coach. Paunovic has played with soccer teams from continent to continent. He is most known for his professional career in Spain. While playing for Spain, Veljko Paunovic was able to represent eight different clubs, and he achieved a total of 38 goals during his trajectory in Spain. Apart from his time in Spain, Paunovic has also played for the United States, Germany, and Russia.

What is the History of Veljko Paunovic?
Veljko Paunovic was born to a Yugoslavian soccer player named Blagoje Paunovic. His father trained him well, and he wanted his son to have the opportunity to leave Yugoslavia and play. Paunovic’s father managed soccer teams, and he inspired his son to be a great player and to train hard. Paunovic had to walk for hours without food in order to go to soccer training when he was young. Paunovic overcame all of his adversities, and he excelled as a player. When he was only 17 years old, Paunovic made his first professional appearance on a Serbian football team. The next year, he moved to Spain where he played some of his best games.

The Game Must Go On
In 2008, Paunovic announced that he would retire from soccer after signing a two-year deal with Partizan. The next year, he received an offer from the New York Red Bull’s, but he decided that he wasn’t interested. Later, in 2011, Paunovic made a surprising return to soccer, and he signed a deal with Philadelphia Union. After playing for a year, Paunovic announced that he would be retiring for a second time. In 2015, Paunovic became the head coach of Chicago Fire Soccer Club.

More on Paunovic’s Coaching Career
Veljko Paunovic received his UEFA Pro coaching license from The Royal Spanish Football Federation. He began his coaching career in Serbia. He worked with the under 18 league, and he lead them to win the 2015 FIFA World Cup. After working for the Serbia league, Paunovic went on to coach The Chicago Fire Soccer Club, and through his leadership, the team was able to make it to the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs. Paunovic has a rich history in soccer. He has also followed the footsteps of his father when it comes to coaching and playing. Paunovic continues to be a valuable asset to the soccer community; he uses his experience and knowledge to improve the game.