Embrace Change At Crave Beauty Academy With Its Exciting Opportunities In Cosmetology

August 31, 2019 0 By Stephen Callahan

Crave Beauty Academy boasts a successful reputation as a leading cosmetology school that began in 2013. Before Crave Beauty Academy built a new foundation, its predecessors came with more than 25 years of experience in the cosmetology industry with an exceptional background and international portfolio.

With programs in all things cosmetology, from nail technology to esthetics, Crave Beauty Academy goes above and beyond to help students become exceptional professionals capable of transforming the future of the cosmetics industry. Crave Beauty Academy has two sperate campuses in Wichita, Kansas and Ballwin, Missouri and is currently offering upwards of 50 thousand dollars in scholarships for summer enrollments.

Crave Core Values

The crave in Crave Beauty Academy stands for the institution’s core values, which is culture, relationships, achievement, values, and education. The culture at Crave Beauty Academy is one of hard work and regular change to improve and create a positive environment for students. Relationships are critical in all learning environments and it starts and grows by first treating others with respect and collaborating for success.

Crave Academy is not a place for casual study or slouching around, instead, students are encouraged to be ambitious and reach for new achievements in learning. Respect, integrity, community, diversity, balance, empowerment, and accountability are the values by which Crave stands by to help students reach their maximum potential on campus. Lastly, education always comes first at Crave Beauty Academy, and they strive to give students the training they need to grow as individuals and as experts in cosmetology.

Crave Academy Programs

Crave Beauty Academy’s core programs include Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. However, the academy continues to add in new subjects to the curriculum in order to give students a headstart in their careers and any advantage they can get over the competition. Other programs and courses offered at Crave Academy include instructor training, marketing, medical aesthetics, industry trends, ITEC certification, and business training.

Barber Expansion Opportunity is something that was recently brought in at Crave Academy, which offers barber graduates the opportunity to a specialized program to earn a degree in cosmetology. Unlike the typical programs at Crave, the Barber Expansion Opportunity allows students who have already graduated to take a 500-hour course to earn their cosmetology degree, which is a significantly shorter time span than students who start out in cosmetology fresh.

Kim McIntosh is the owner of Crave Beauty Academy and currently acts as the institutes Executive Director and President of operations. Before taking up ownership of Crave, Kim spent almost 20 years working as a partner at Xenon International Academy. When Kim and her husband acquired Xenon International in 2013, they rebranded it to Crave Beauty Academy with a whole new set of core values and a new and improved educational curriculum for cosmetology students.