Ben Melkman Established Light Sky Macro After Stellar Career With Major Financial Firms

Ben Melkman Established Light Sky Macro After Stellar Career With Major Financial Firms

December 16, 2019 0 By Stephen Callahan

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Politics, Ben Melkman set out after earning his degree with honors to make waves in the world of high finance. Among his first positions was with Deutsche Bank in 2003. After gaining invaluable investment banking experience with Deutsche, he accepted a position with Morgan Stanley. There he would earn a reputation as a man who understood the complexities of managing money for a world-class financial institution.

Ben Melkman worked his way up to the position of executive director at Morgan Stanley. He was responsible for managing how much cash ran through the organization and managed business planning. His leadership in guiding operations at Morgan Stanley solidified his reputation as a gifted leader and competent handler of one of the world’s most respected multinational investment banks. He remained with Morgan Stanley for nearly five years.

The next phase in Ben Melkman’s career was a move to Switzerland to work for Brevan Howard, a European hedge fund management company. He took on the role of portfolio manager and was named a partner. Brevan Howard is a major player on the global stage. Industry analysts have described it as being among the largest macro hedge funds in the world. Among Melkman’s primary duties with Brevan Howard was researching companies. He was noted for his innovative and often groundbreaking methods for compiling and interpreting data. Ben Melkman is a master at uncovering key points of information and producing insights from raw data that others might never consider.

As a portfolio manager with Brevan, Ben Melkman was responsible for making investment decision aided by the research he conducted and the analysis of client needs. He tracked commercial markets both locally and abroad. Keeping abreast of the latest financial news was key to making prudent decisions in the stock and bond markets. The job of portfolio manager involves absorbing large amounts of information from diverse sources and blending it all in a way that leads to good decisions making. Those decisions are based on a comprehensive analysis of information. Ben Melkman proved time and again that he held exceptional abilities in this realm.

Melkman gained considerable attention for recognizing a unique investment opportunity in Argentina. Argentina had a dicey reputation at the time after defaulting on its bonds twice, once in 2007 and another in 2015. But Melkman sensed an opportunity when the country elected new leadership in 2015. The result was a $500 million hedge fund that ended up returning 18 percent to its investors. The Argentina deal bolstered Ben Melkman’s reputation as a hedge fund manager with special insight and talent. He worked with Brevan Howard for more than seven years.

The time came for Ben Melkman when he was ready to start something new. In 2016, he created his own business, a fund called Light Sky Macro LP. His base of operations would be New York City. The strategy of Light Sky Macro is working on behalf of institutional investors leveraging a macro strategy informed by an understanding of global and political economic trends.