Tom Chang MD Doing Away With Dilation

Tom Chang MD Doing Away With Dilation

February 19, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The Acuity Eye Group’s 360 Advanced Vision Center’s latest program reimagines eyecare. Led by Tom Chang MD, the initiative is designed to allow patients to get the eye exams they desire in a comfortable atmosphere without dilation, long waits, or even having to make an appointment in advance. The initiative stems from noticing that many people lack the proper vision appointments due to the planning required. It’s an inconvenience to have your eyes dilated. Using the most innovative technology available, this is no longer a concern.

How Can Tom Chang MD Offer These Services?Tom Chang MD

The key is that Dr. Tom Chang has worked to develop a new method that allows for a minimally invasive way of gathering very specific information and accurate diagnostics similar to what is obtained in a traditional eye dilation. The difference is that it does not take as long to complete. As a result, patients can come into the eye center, get a comprehensive eye exam capable of providing complete insight into what is happening with their eye health, and have it all completed within 30 minutes.

Why the Development of This Program?

Dr. Tom Chang, founder, and co-CEO of Acuity Eye Group worked to identify and develop this type of service as a way of helping patients get the quality of care they need but often put off.

Tom Chang MD is a well-respected clinician, surgeon, and educator. He has given over 120 lectures across the globe and offered 50 peer-reviewed publications as a way of improving vision and patient care in general. A key area of his focus is in macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, vision-threatening conditions that are becoming more common in many regions. A great deal of his career has focused on providing patients with new and insightful methods for improving vision and eye health, as well as making diagnostics more effective.

Overcoming the Limitations of Dilation

Dilation, a technique that typically requires the placement of drops in the eye to widen the pupil to allow for better vision into the center of the eye, is a necessary diagnostic exam for most people. This process requires placing the drops, waiting an hour or more, and then having a secondary exam to check for any signs of disease. This type of exam is used in the detection and prevention of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, hypertensive retinopathy, ocular tumors, and much more.

With dilation also comes frustration for many people. What Tom S. Chang realized when playing his part in the creation of the Acuity360 Initiative is that the prevention of many of these diseases depends significantly on the proper screening of vision and eye health. Much of that comes from the use of dilation. Yet, patients do not like the process and often avoid it for that reason.


Dr. Chang Changing the Course of the Future

Dr. Tom Chang has worked hard to create opportunities for his patients and continues to remain on the cutting-edge of the industry. He contributes to scientific journals and publications. This dedication to exploring the needs and advances in the industry continues to allow for the development of new methods for improving patient care, including the use of dilation.

These more comprehensive exams completed through the Acuity 360 initiative are more in-depth than what dilation can offer. The process is very simple, but it can help in identifying co-occurring health concerns, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, and hypertension, simply due to the changes in a person’s vision. All of this is done through the use of a non-invasive method with just a technician by the side of the patient. More so, it is completed within 30 minutes, which then allows for the doctor to review the results quickly and identify any concerns.

When a patient is able to get this type of in-depth eye exam, he or she is able to learn more about their eye health early on, often allowing doctors to take steps immediately to stop the condition from worsening. In conditions like macular degeneration where there is no cure, but early treatment can slow the progression of the disease, this early detection becomes critical. With Dr. Tom S. Chang and his team, it is possible for patients to find themselves learning more about their eye health sooner, giving them the ability to get the care they need now.

The advanced experience and constant research done by Tom Chang MD makes all the difference here. He and his team have pioneered the use of the Acuity Eye Group’s 360 Advanced Vision Center to ensure that lengthy wait times, invasive procedures, and long waits for results are no longer a limitation for patients. This can provide patients with the level of support they need in ensuring their eye care needs are met now and for years to come.


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