Scott Gerber- CEO of the Gerber Group and His Role in Re-Designing the Hospitality Industry

Scott Gerber- CEO of the Gerber Group and His Role in Re-Designing the Hospitality Industry

June 19, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Scott Gerber is a New York entrepreneur who is re-inventing the hospitality industry. He is the founder of the Gerber Group, and he works hard to deliver some of the best services to guests seeking services of hotels. Scott’s focus is on creating modern bar designs because he is aware that visitors often love the idea of hotels that deliver the best food and drinks services. Scott did not always have the drive to become an entrepreneur, more so a hotelier. However, after receiving a mentorship offer from a renowned businessman, Ian Shrager, he decided to try out working in the hospitality industry with his brother, Rande Gerber.

Over the years, Gerber Group has laid a firm foundation in the hospitality sector, and they have opened up several properties in New York. One of the Group’s first properties was the Whiskey at the Paramount Hotel, which launched in 1991 in New York. Both Scott and his brother Rande Gerber did not want to commit to their bar business entirely, and they both remained in their former job positions. Scott was a full-time real estate broker, while his brother was fully enthralled in the business world. In 2008, Rande Gerber retired from Gerber Group, and Scott ultimately took over as a full-time principal and CEO of Gerber Group. According to Scott, his brother Rande had to leave the company because he wanted to start producing tequila, and he could not handle both jobs.

Scott Gerber was supportive of the move his brother made, and he believed he could flourish in his tequila business. After Rande left Gerber Group, Scott had to take up all the company’s roles, including managing and running the market, as well as marketing and designing the bar. However, he enjoys being a full-time manager of the bar, and he states that he loves going out in the world and making business deals. Scott loves the thrill that comes with continually renovating the bar, and always loves it when the guests appreciate his work. He also enjoys working alongside his employees, which makes him happy when his employees feel fulfilled in their workplaces. Gerber Group featured in an episode of the Undercover Boss, and Scott was thrilled to see how well his employees handled the whole scene.

Scott Gerber admired his dad, who was also part of the team at Gerber Group. He loved the way his dad was both a mentor and a friend to everybody in the company. However, Scott always felt out because he did not have that kind of relationship with his employees. Working in an episode of the Undercover Boss helped him understand his employees and helped get in tune with their feelings. Scott Gerber was happy after learning that his employees loved working at the Gerber Group. His company has worked in several projects, such as The Campbell Property in New York City. They have also had an opportunity to work with Mr. Purple, a rooftop bar in the Indigo Hotel in Manhattan.

Scott Gerber states that to work for different properties, he has to understand the target market and the hotel in general. Most of the hotel properties he works for always need him to look for a design that goes well with their brand, and he, therefore, has to look for architects and designers to do the job. Currently, Scott Gerber is a partner with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and they have worked together to create the W Hotel brand. The brand is responsible for featuring the Gerber Group venues across the United States and other properties in general. The W Hotel Brand helps design and create unique sites that have brought a change in the hotel industry’s outlook.