Elon Musk Calls Out Amazon Over Censorship

Elon Musk Calls Out Amazon Over Censorship

June 21, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Modern society exists in a sort of economic duality. On the one hand, there is more prosperity for more people than ever before. This includes the capacity to fulfill the needs of previously unreachable areas of the world. Some settlements even progress from undeveloped areas to first world economies over a very brief period.

On the other hand, the divide between poverty and vast wealth is growing by several metrics. While poor citizens of first world countries might enjoy low end smartphones and basic cable, their every day lives might be no different from decades ago. Then there are also the oddities of living with tech monopolies like Amazon. This is illustrated by the prevalence of smartphones in the undeveloped world with the lack of even the most basic infrastructure.

Elon Musk Speaks Out about Amazon and Monopolies

Most people would say monopolies are wrong. Though, few would speak of issues pertaining to a company as visible as Amazon. Elon Musk is a brave soul that is calling out the internet behemoth. He is certainly not alone. Several political figures have voiced their concern over Amazon and other companies like Facebook. In terms of private business, Elon Musk does indeed stand out.

Musk tweeted Jeff Bezos’ name with specific concerns. He cited the removal of a coronavirus book to illustrate the censorship practiced by Amazon. Few companies can get away with such an act within the American economy. Had Musk not pointed it out, it’s unlikely that the media would have picked up the story.

The Great Danger of Monopolies

Monopolies have caused an incredible amount of distress throughout history. Their impact has been compounded by the Internet. At no time in history could monopolies grow so fast as they can today. The Internet affords large organizations unparalleled leverage over the masses. It is one where leaders have expressed deep concern and uncertainty. A.I. is often part of the discussion with the future of development best left for science fiction to describe.

The Digital Divide

The growing digital divide is often masked by novel new products. Smartphones played a critical role in both consumer confidence and ignorance. The power much of the world enjoys in having access to information can be detrimental when that information is misused. The situation becomes worse when personal information is controlled by non-vested and unfeeling parties like a large tech company.

How Web Services are Changing

Web services rely upon consumer information. Privacy rights are at the center of seemingly endless political discourse. A promising opportunity that’s flying under the radar is decentralized networks. These operate with users in control of their information and the system upon which it flows. Decentralized networks are made possible by distributed programs that anyone can run. It is a system that is verifiable and validated by its users. As one might imagine, these networks are driven by need and free markets rather than top-down decision-making processes.

Why Tech Monopolies are Tightening Their Hold Over Market Share

User centric networks are powerful. They put users in direct control over their personal information. However, tech companies have created popular services that rely upon the current system of administered servers. User centric networks are growing quickly and market conditions can become too volatile for smooth transitions.

A Better Future through Musk’s Vision

The world is better off with ideas put forth by people like Elon Musk. He is a visionary, not a day-to-day manager. Innovation cannot be stopped. Tech companies should not inhibit progress and certainly not practice censorship.