Oprah The World’s Best Women Entrepreneur

Oprah The World’s Best Women Entrepreneur

June 22, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in the world, coming from a poor background, didn’t hinder her from raising the success ladder. She grew up in a low-income family, and getting education was a challenge. However, she prevailed against the storms of life and pursued her dream.

The first breakthrough for Oprah Winfrey came when she got a chance to work at the local black studio. Her passion and commitment were impressive to the station managers opening doors for her to work in more prominent and famous radio and Tv stations later becoming the world’s most well-known media personality.

However, Oprah left the radio and Tv stations due to emotional instability from her past. It was then that she met Phil Donahues in 1977 who believed in her and brought her to be the co-host of a famous talk show known as “People Are Talking. “Her intellectual ability to connect and engage her audience made the show instantly successful, scaling up the rating charts. This show made her realize where her calling and fulfillment in life was. She continued being very famous, and her growth in the entertainment industry was remarkable. She won various awards in the sector like the Golden Globe and Academy Awards and became a public figure.

In 1986, the famous Oprah Winfrey show was launched. This show trended within a few months attracting millions of people becoming the third-highest rated number one show. This led Oprah Winfrey to open Harpo Productions in 1988, and she purchased state- of – the Art Studio in Chicago where she would host the Oprah Winfrey Tv show. This step conceived to be her the first African American to own n entertainment company on her own. The midst of the many talks shows that came up down the years, Oprah’s show remained the best and most relevant because it focused on the poor, lowlife, and less fortunate people offering them solutions, unlike other shows. The show made Oprah Winfrey become a millionaire at the age of 32 years.

Later in life, the entrepreneur Published her magazine the Oprah Magazine in 2000, which brought revenue of $ 1 million within its 15 years of publishing. She also engaged in writing many best-selling books and acting and producing films, and 2003 saw her becoming the first female American Billionaire. During this time, she also started the Ophrah Winfrey Network(OWN), Which also catapulted her in the entertainment industry. Besides entertainment, Oprah also has invested in real estate owning a $ 14 Million house in Colorado with several others in Tennessee and Hawaii. The net worth of Oprah is 2.7 billion.

Unlike many wealthy and famous personalities, Oprah never forgot her humble beginning and has been generously involved in Philanthropic activities impacting lives. In the early years, Oprah started The Angel Network, where she channeled all her profits to help others. Oprah later founded the Ophrah Winfrey Foundation and the Ophrah Winfrey Leadership Academy, which champions education all over the world. In 2007, Oprah started a leadership Academy in South Africa, where she has invested more than $ 100 million to support girls from poor backgrounds access education. The entrepreneur has donated $ 400 million in her lifetime towards philanthropic missions.

Oprah Winfrey has turned out to be the world’s most influential woman. She has risen to prove to the world and especially America that being black is not a limitation for anyone to scale the heights of their dreams. She has often said in her interviews that believing in yourself is the first step in writing your success story. Oprah remains an inspiration to thousands of people globally.