Young Living Shows Value of Positive Work Environment

Young Living Shows Value of Positive Work Environment

June 26, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Intuitively, many of us know that there’s value to be had in creating a positive working environment. In fact, many of us have witnessed firsthand how some work environments have encouraged greater happiness and productivity than others. This effect can be so powerful, that we’ve decided to take time to dive into the idea in greater depth. To do so, we’ve turned to the example of Young Living, a leading provider of essential oils which has become widely known for the quality of its work environment. Read on for some helpful information about the company and how it works to encourage wellbeing and effectiveness in its employees.

Company background

To better understand the workplace culture that Young Living has created, it can first be helpful to understand the company itself. The company began, informally, in 1993 when its founders, D. Gary Young and Mary Young, first started to organically farm and distill certain varieties of herbs. At that time, the couple already understood the potential of essential oils, though they were discouraged by the wide variance in quality that they observed at that time. In order to address that, they began experimenting with creating their own high-quality products that could then be used to great efficacy by their customers.

From that simple idea, the company was established formally. To support the growing operation, the couple developed land in Utah and Idaho to cultivate a variety of plants, including peppermint, lavender, and clary sage. As demand for essential oils grew, more and more consumers began to understand the value of a quality line of products upon which they could rely. That fortuitous combination of hard work and market demand helped propel the company to its place as a leader in its field. It also established early in its history the benefits that could be seen from creating a working environment that was motivating, directed, and focused on both end products and employee satisfaction.

Public recognition

One measure of the success the company has enjoyed in creating a positive working environment for employees is the large degree of public recognition it has received in this space. One example of this comes from a recent feature in Utah Valley Magazine, which singled the company out as its #1 Best Company to Work For in 2020. The recognition is presented by the professional services feature of the magazine and is intended to highlight companies in the Utah Valley that help contribute to employee wellness through high-quality benefits, perks, and a positive working environment.

Such recognitions are a point of pride for the company, as they help confirm the ongoing success of its efforts towards building a working environment that benefits its employees. Aubrey Bates, the company’s Vice President of People, verbalized that sentiment in comments concerning the magazine’s recognition. “We are very proud to be recognized as the best company to work for in the Valley,” said Bates. ”We have put an extensive amount of time and effort into providing a positive, rewarding workplace that drives employees to do and be their best.” Bates went on to highlight that “At Young Living, we’re not just colleagues, we’re family, and that kind of culture is the catalyst for greatness.”

Benefit types

While workplace experts are continuously learning and updating their thinking on what makes for a good working environment, there are already plenty of tried and true methods that can contribute to the success of such an endeavor. One important element of this work can be to build team spirit and a sense of togetherness. Team building of this nature can help create community and an environment where individuals can feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves. This is key since many experts believe that when a diverse group of people can come together to work towards a common goal, it can help contribute to their overall sense of wellbeing.

One of the many ways that this type of team sentiment can be encouraged is through an emphasis on communication. By creating established open lines of communication, team members can be better assured that their voice is being heard and that their contributions are valued. Another way to build this sense of community is through regular team events that encourage employees to interact with each other in a variety of settings, both social and work-centric in nature. By varying the ways in which employees interact with each other, a more robust sense of group belonging can often be encouraged.

Examples within the company

To transition from theory to practice, let’s see how Young Living actually implements its efforts to create a better employee experience. One of the clearest ways to see this is through an examination of some of the benefits offered by the company. One standout here is the emphasis the company places on encouraging health and wellbeing in employees. This initiative includes an on-site gym replete with a range of high-quality equipment along with complimentary personal training, fitness classes, and nutritional coaching. These perks allow employees to more easily take control of their wellbeing in order to create an overall improvement in quality of life.

Beyond in-office benefits, the company also offers a range of perks that employees can avail themselves of when not working. This includes a tuition reimbursement incentive to allow employees to gain easier access to educational opportunities. Other perks include transit passes, extensive paid time off, and profit-sharing. The company also prides itself on offering a flexible working environment to accommodate the unique needs of individual employees as they navigate their lives outside the workplace. Though just a sampling of the benefits offered by the company, this snapshot helps to capture just some of the ways it works to contribute to employee quality of life.

A positive working environment can be the key to creating happy and productive employees that are succeeding both inside and outside the office. However, creating such an environment is not always as straightforward as one might imagine. To better understand the realities of what creating such an environment entails, it can be helpful to look to the example of companies that are doing so successfully. The above overview of Young Living and its efforts to create a positive work environment can provide just such an example. By utilizing this information, along with additional resources on the topic, companies can be better prepared for success in their own workplace endeavors.