President Trump Stoked Racial Fires

President Trump Stoked Racial Fires

July 1, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

President Trump has recently stoked racial fires through his various comments about the black Americans protesting the death of George Floyd. Not only has he done this at a tremendously horrible time, but he has used it to appeal to his voter base for the upcoming elections.

He has continuously posted videos of the protests indicating that black Americans somehow lack legal morality. He has also attacked the former president, Barack Obama, accusing him of treasonous activity. He is accused of trying to appeal to the conservative white masses by continuously ignoring the racial injustice and pointing to black Americans as the problem. The videos contained images of black people attacking white people, further fueling his point.

The Catholic News Agency posted an interview where the president stated that he would seek further action to protect some of the historical confederate monuments. He also said that he would make an executive order forcing cities to preserve the historical monuments.

Protesters who tried to eradicate an Andrew Jackson Monument received an earful on Tuesday when the president declared that they were vandals and hoodlums who should receive lengthy incarcerations. President Trump also used the words “Kung-Flu” in a rally at Oklahoma. These words had been posted in a video by a creator that has since been removed by Twitter.

In the same rally, the president also vowed to prevent what he calls “the Left-wing mob” from bringing the United States into catastrophe. The rally seemed to pull a small crowd as compared to his earlier presidential campaign rallies, which was viewed as a negative prognostication for his future in the elections.

He declared the ongoing protests as the behavior of unpatriotic dictators who have no regard for the United States. The police’s forceful action accompanied his statement near where he was speaking when they disallowed many protesters from marching, although they were in a zone that allowed free speech.

The assembly was even disbanded using military devices that many viewed as unnecessary and instigation of the issue. In their defense, the police claimed that the crowd was acting violently towards them and blocking traffic.

President Trump was rumored to have involved Russia in the last presidential elections. His involvement with Russia’s president has only fueled such claims adding disfavor from many Americans and the western world. Other issues that have arisen are his dealings with North Korea’s leaders and his constant vilification on China because of the Corona Virus outbreak. His constant criticism of George Floyd’s protestors also put him in a bad light for lack of racial considerations.

Mr. Trump’s Mexican wall has been the talk of the country since before his election in 2016 and has been a constant sore point for immigrants. He visited the wall’s new section in Arizona as a gesture of goodwill in its progress and autographed a commemorative plaque. Hundreds of immigrant families have been placed in shelters before they are forced to go back to Mexico.

The Cases brought countless criticism because of the many casualties. Other issues such as separation of children and their parents or images of children living in the shelters surrounded by barbed wire, which many described as being caged, only increased people’s hatred towards President Trump.

The continuous Trump campaign has been amid protests by the public of the risk presented by the Corona Virus. Mr. Trump’s continual tweets and high criticism of the George Floyd protests have brought wide disfavor within the black community. He is also unlikely to have support from the various immigrant communities because of his continuous racial statements. Many, including twitter, viewed his many “Kung flu” comments as an ethnic slur making him lose another wing of the American population.

Although President Trump has angered many, he may still surprise America like in the 2016 elections. However, he has not been doing well according to polls and surveys concerning the upcoming elections.