What Bill Gates Is Doing Concerning COVID-19

What Bill Gates Is Doing Concerning COVID-19

July 1, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Stern Words for America’s Missing Leadership Duty in Battling the Pandemic

During the Philanthropy Summit at Forbes 400, the couple expressed their plans to ensure that coronavirus vaccines and treatments are supplied equally to all countries. As the pandemic continues to register high numbers, Bill and Melinda Gates have consistently researched for its treatment and prevention.

Last Thursday at the Forbes summit, Bill Gates said that since the U.S usually claims a lead role in solving global problems, rather than opting out of the WHO, they should have collaborated with other nations and stayed away from blaming other countries.

He also told more than 200 philanthropists through the online summit that he is merging various country efforts, and European leaders are filling the space left out by the U.S government. He affirmed WHO has an essential role in fighting polio and smallpox and hoped that the government would join hands with other countries, like it did in fighting smallpox, polio, HIV, and malaria.

Although the virus will remain fatal until most parts of the world are inoculated, Gates is optimistic regarding the coronavirus vaccine candidates (Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca and Moderna).

Bill Gates’ Disappointment With the U.S’s WHO Decision

Microsoft founder Bill Gates showed disappointment with Donald Trump’s decision to opt-out of the World Health Organization, citing that the firm was crucial in the world effort in eliminating polio and responding to other epidemics.

Gates added through a teleconference that WHO is vital in the world-wide health work they do. He also said that he has not consulted Trump about the WHO issue but hopes the decision is not final.

The philanthropist discussed with reporters about the five-year, USD1.6 billion support to Gavi (Vaccine Alliance) through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gavi helps middle-and low-income nations to buy vaccines for children and had staged a replenishment conference to acquire USD7.4 billion. The proceeds would go towards purchasing vaccines for 300 million children. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, announced that they managed to raise $8.8 billion.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Gavi has helped immunize 760 million kids. Bill said the firm is the biggest beneficiary of Gates Foundation funding.” The coronavirus’s detrimental effect leaves a considerable reminder about our vulnerability to infections,” he uttered.

Gates Foundation pledged USD100 million to another fund that Gavi has set up to buy COVID-19 vaccines to middle- and low-income nations.

Bill Gates’ COVID-19 Regret

The pandemic-preparedness activists are regretting how the coronavirus calamity has unfolded. He has severally warned of the hazards of a calamity like COVID-19 to the global economy and health. He depicted it in earlier years as a threat that makes him stay up all night.

“The only thing that can claim the lives of more than 10 million individuals in the coming few decades is probably an extremely infectious virus. Not bombs, but microbes,” said Bill in a 2015’s TED Talk.

Gates regrets that his admonitions weren’t heeded. He told the Wall Street Journal that he feels terrible about it. He hopes his warnings could have caused global action.

What Bill Gates Wants You to Know Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Gates has laid what you need from the coronavirus vaccine to reopen borders.

According to a blog post, Gates said for the world to reopen, we have to create an effective and safe vaccine. “We need to make plenty of doses and avail them to all four corners of the world within the shortest time possible.” He adds.

Gates said that the vaccine needs to be more than 70 percent efficient to curb the outbreak. A 60 percent efficient vaccine is usable, but anything below that may not stop the pandemic.

He added that an effective and safe vaccine would be available in the next 18 months. Once the vaccine is ready for distribution, it should be administered on health-care personnel first, then individuals in the low-income nations.