Prince William Celebrates Father’s Day With His Children

Prince William Celebrates Father’s Day With His Children

July 2, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The English monarchy is an enduring institution that is known all over the world. For over a thousand years, the United Kingdom has had a form of government involving royalty in some way. Today’s monarchy remains close to the heart of the English people. Polls show the family is held in wide regard by a large swath of the British public. Many people today find the monarchy a comforting source of stability in a difficult time. The monarchy consists of many people. At the head lies Queen Elizabeth II. After taking over from her father in her twenties, she has been the face of this institution for decades. Elizabeth II is not only the Queen of the United Kingdom and the head of the Commonwealth of Nations. She is also a mother of four children, grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of eight. While still strong and healthy in her ninth decade, once she passes away, she will succeeded in her governmental role by her family members.

The Heirs

Under the laws that govern this institution, the line of succession is clear. Elizabeth II has many potential heirs. Her eldest son Charles is known as the Prince of Wales. He is at the very top of the list of those who will take her place when she dies. Born in 1948, Charles is heir apparent. In this capacity, should his mother die before does, he will take her place. Charles has heirs of his own. His first marriage to Lady Diana Spencer produced two sons: William and Harry. In 2011, William married Katherine Middleton. Over the next few years the couple had three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. The line of succession from the queen goes from Charles to William and then to his three children. This makes family very important to all those who were born royal.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States and the United Kingdom. This day marks time set aside to admire all those who’ve stepped up to the challenges of fatherhood and done them well. It’s no surprise that Prince William choose to celebrate the day with his own father and his two sons. The holiday fell on William’s birthday this year. Prince William turned thirty-eight on June 21st. As the heir apparent to Charles, he has come to assume more duties in the public eye in the last few years. Should Prince Charles become incapacitated or pass away before his mother does, Prince William will automatically become king of the United Kingdom and head of the Commonwealth of Nations. In the meantime, preparations are being made so that William can learn what it means to conduct the business of the monarchy.

New Photos

New photos have been released showing how William is interacting with his own children. The photos show the strong relationship that William has with his three adored children. The pictures were taken by Katherine Middleton. After her marriage to Prince William, she became the Duchess of Cambridge. A son, George, was born to the couple in 2013. In 2015, the couple added to their family with the birth of Princess Charlotte. Charlotte became a big sister in 2018 when the couple had another son. Prince Louis is the youngest member of their family.

These pictures show Prince William interacting with his children in a loving and playful way. In one photo, William is on the ground with his kids happily climbing on his back. In another, he is seated on a rope swing with his children behind him. The Duke and Duchess want the world to share in their happiness at their growing family. The pictures celebrate the close relationship Katherine and William have as well as demonstrating their commitment to modern family life. Such pictures are an ongoing documentation of their lives and the lives of the next generation of monarchy.