Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Gets a Debut Trailer

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Gets a Debut Trailer

July 6, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Subscribers to Netflix enjoy a wide range of different streaming programming. Original series such as Tiger King and Ozark do captivate audiences. Not every program is entirely original, though. Netflix has rebooted pre-existing properties before. Lost in Space might be among the most appreciated of these by old-time television fans. One of the more intriguing programs to come from Netflix’s development offices is a modern reboot of the old NBC series Unsolved Mysteries. It is no mystery what to expect from Netflix anymore. The streaming giant just released the trailer for the reboot.

Unsolved Mysteries was a classic “speculative” semi-reality series in the “America’s Most Wanted” style. The former star of The Untouchables, Robert Stack, hosted the series and presented tales of unsolved crimes or supernatural events. The eclectic nature of the original series made it a favorite. When it disappeared from airwaves, however, few thought it would return. Soon, it will. This time, the series gets an upgrade thanks to Netflix.

The official trailer runs about one-minute-and-a-half and gets the series’ style across. The trailer begins with haunting music and interview subjects talking about “learning the truth” and asking for “help.” The music gets the somber nature of Unsolved Mysteries across. We know the series delves into crime and the supernatural. The trailer hints that its mysteries aren’t exactly feel-good tales.

And Netflix gets its tagline across: the goal of the series is for “you,” the viewer, to solve “new mysteries.” Commentary about cold cases and more further drive the importance of getting information from the viewer. And then the scary new music shifts to something familiar, a slight chord from the original Unsolved Mysteries theme.

The presence of the creepy original music welcomes new fans and intrigues old ones alike. The traditional theme’s presence indicates that the new series won’t be a radical departure from the first one. Unlike dramatic or sci-fi programs, Unsolved Mysteries won’t need too much updating. The program relies on interviews with real people along with recreations of events. Netflix will bring a greater budget to the new series, although NBC’s original program wasn’t a “cheap” one by any means.

Unsolved Mysteries drew much acclaim for its appealing host, Robert Stack. Stack provided hosting duties for 15 years, and he became the iconic figure associated with the series. Who will take over as the new host? Oddly, there won’t be a host for the new series.

What makes the decision to go without a host something strange is the fact the original producers are returning. Convention wisdom would dictate the producers prefer to keep things identical to the original series. Perhaps they do, but budget concerns might preclude bringing a host onboard.

Does Unsolved Mysteries need a host? In truth, the program could work without anyone setting up and introducing the series. Maybe the lack of narration during the recreations could make the proceeding come off as more cinematic.

Irrespective of viewer preferences for a host, the debut season won’t feature one. That might change if the series receives a renewal for a second season, but don’t expect to see anyone appear on the small screen performing the old Robert Stack role.

Unsolved Mysteries debuts on Netflix on July 1st. Will a second trailer appear between now and then? It is possible, but not likely. If Netflix wanted to roll out a series of trailers, the first trailer would have landed weeks ago. Trailer one debuts only a week or so ahead of Unsolved Mysteries’ arrival.

NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries was a massive hit running from 1987 – 2002. Could Netflix experience similar success? It is hard to see why it wouldn’t.