Eric Yuan Wants To Make Users Happy

Eric Yuan Wants To Make Users Happy

July 9, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

In the past few months, Zoom has quickly grown in popularity. The current leader of this online platform is Eric Yuan. Whether people are meeting on this platform for business or pleasure, this well-known CEO wants users to always feel safe while using Zoom.

Eric Yuan’s Primary Goal As CEO

During his extremely successful career as the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan has always strived to make users happy in any way possible. One way that he ensures optimal consumer satisfaction is by offering incredible encryption support. The company’s encryption support is available to all of its users, whether they are paying for an account or using the platform for free.

Eric Yuan prides himself on listening intently to users’ feedback and providing solutions to all of their concerns. When users’ feedback is met with incredible solutions, they are more likely to be happy with the Zoom platform.

Eric Yuan Supports Freedom Of Speech

Eric Yuan and his top notch leadership team also support freedom of speech on the platform. As an American company, Zoom wants to ensure that every user has a voice. Instead of only focusing on its bottom line, Eric Yuan wants to make sure that the company is always representing its core values.

A Leader In Social Justice

As times slowly begin to change, it’s clear that Eric Yuan intends to improve the platform’s capabilities to keep up with users’ interests. Eric Yuan also wants the company to be a leader in social justice. Social justice actually goes hand in hand with freedom of speech.

Zoom Hires A Chief Diversity Officer

The good news is that Eric Yuan recently hired a Chief Diversity Officer to support its commitment to social justice and freedom of speech. The company’s new Chief Diversity Officer has previously held a leadership position at eBay and Uber. As a result of his previous leadership experience, he is well-equipped to serve in his new role at Zoom.

Eric Yuan wants the users of Zoom to know that he cares deeply for the community. He is also passionate about serving the society and creating an online platform where everyone is respected.

Eric Yuan enjoys making the world a better place by offering users a safe online platform. He also takes pride in making sure that Zoom adheres to local laws.

The Future Of Zoom & Innovative Features

The future of Zoom definitely looks extremely promising. Eric Yuan predicts that the platform will offer incredible features like digital handshakes and even a scent detection. These great features are expected to appear within the next five decades.

Eric Yuan strongly believes that the digital handshake and scent detection features will greatly enhance this innovative platform. The company is slowly making strides in the right direction, and these innovative capabilities will be here before we know it.

According to this extremely knowledgeable CEO, in-person meetings will soon be a thing of the past. In the coming years, it’s clear that an increasingly amount of people will begin to embrace Zoom.

Zoom Wants To Be A Global Leader

After reading an article discussing Zoom’s commitment to freedom of speech, one can assume that the company wants to be the best cloud platform in the world. If the company continues to make users happy and adhere to its values, Zoom will continue being the platform of choice for an extensive array of people.

About Zoom

In case you haven’t heard of this platform before, Zoom currently offers videoconferencing opportunities to a wide variety of people. While some people use this platform to host business meetings, other people use Zoom to host an online party with friends.

Zoom is currently based in California. The platform is also a great option for digital education. Zoom is extremely easy to use, which is why the platform has attracted many users from various professions and backgrounds.