Roger Stone Won’t Wear An Orange Jumpsuit Thanks To Trump’s Clemency Ruling

Roger Stone Won’t Wear An Orange Jumpsuit Thanks To Trump’s Clemency Ruling

August 5, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Roger Stone is one colorful political dirty trickster Mr. Stone doesn’t mind that label. For decades, Stone engaged in questionable behavior that teetered on wrongdoing. In 1972, he gave money to a Nixon challenger under the name Young Socialist Alliance. And he hired a political operative to join the campaign of George McGovern when he ran for president. Mr. Stone’s love for Nixon runs deep. He has a tattoo of Nixon on his back, according to the New York Times.

Stone and Donald Trump have history. Both men liked to engage in conspiracy theories before Trump took office. During the 2016 campaign, Stone was a Trump advisor and a constant reminder that the president likes to surround himself with people who think the way he thinks. Stone didn’t hide his contempt for the rule of law. He blatantly tried to upend it every chance he got, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Stone’s recent legal issues stem from his interaction with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. According to several news reports, Mr. Stone contacted Julian Assange in order to orchestrate the release of Clinton’s hacked emails. The Russians allegedly hacked the DNC’s server and Trump wanted to use Clinton’s email missteps to destroy her election chances.

During the Mueller investigation, Roger Stone’s name kept popping up as investigators dug into the shady connections the Trump campaign had with the Russians in 2016. The Russians wanted Trump to win. Vladimir Putin hated Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons. But her role in placing sanctions against Russia put him over the edge.

When Mueller’s prosecutors interviewed Mr. Stone, he lied about his involvement with WikiLeaks. But Mueller’s team had enough evidence to convict Stone, and they did. Judge Amy Berman, the judge Stone tried to make a fool of in the press, sentenced him to 40 months in an orange jumpsuit.

Stone and Mr. Trump claimed the conviction was part of a witch hunt. Trump has a history of helping the criminals who worked on his campaign avoid jail time. Mike Flynn, another loyal Trumpian, won’t serve any jail time either thanks to Bill Barr’s decision to drop the Flynn case even though Mike pleaded guilty to the charges.

Mr. Trump waited before he gave Stone his get-out-of-jail-free card. Roger told the press spending time in jail was a death sentence because he has preexisting health conditions that might expose him to COVID-19 in jail. When Stone heard the clemency ruling, he quickly said the president saved his life. Stone could have turned on Trump during his legal battle.

Trump’s clemency edict keeps Stone out of jail, but he will still have a criminal record. Mr. Stone said he would fight to clear his name now that he’s free. But according to Attorney Bill Barr, Stone’s sentence was fair. Mr. Barr is not a Roger Stone fan, but he didn’t fight the president’s decision.

Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s clemency ruling ridiculous. Congressman Adam Schiff told the press the president uses two systems of justice. He uses one standard for his criminal friends, and he uses the other justice system for everyone else. Joe Biden told the press Trump abused his power once again. Mr. Biden also said Trump continues to ignore the norms and values that made America a beacon for the rest of the world.

But Grant Smith, Mr. Stone’s attorney, said the president’s clemency ruling shows Trump’s compassion. But Trump’s critics claim Stone was under enormous president to drop a dime on the president, so Trump had no choice but to give Stone a pass. Giving Stone a break doesn’t look like fairness, but Jim Jordon and Lindsey Graham, two loyal Trump supporters continue to stand behind him no matter how unfair or corrupt his decisions are. But Jordan and Graham as well as Mr. Stone claim the president has an incredible sense of fairness, according to the New York Times.