Megawatt Netflix Deal Signed by Meghan and Prince Harry

Megawatt Netflix Deal Signed by Meghan and Prince Harry

September 15, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex, six months after quitting the Royal family, are producers in Hollywood. Having relocated to California, Harry and Meghan started new Hollywood careers. Their newly founded production company has not been named yet, but a multiyear Netflix deal was signed. The deal will pay the production company to make children’s programming, scripted shows, feature films, docu-series, and documentaries.

Though Meghan has no plans on going back to acting, the couple might be filmed in documentary programming. The last time Meghan was on camera was back in 2018 in the television series “Suits.” The couple claims that their focus will not only be creating informative content but also giving hope. They aim to produce inspirational family programming. They also claimed that Netflix’s vast reach would assist in sharing content that is impactful. Netflix’s 193 million worldwide subscribers will have exclusive access to their productions.

A spokeswoman from Netflix refused to comment on how much Meghan and Harry will make, considering they do not have experience in producing. Backing up Brink’s trucks is common practice when Netflix wants to do business with famous people. This is especially common when their services are sorted after by other entertainment companies. Meghan and Harry held talks with Apple and Disney. Representatives for those negotiations were apparently seeking a deal around $100 million at one point.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex, Meghan and Harry, have lived in LA since March, for a while, staying in a mansion in Beverly Hills, spending their time helping the needy by delivering food during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lawsuit for invasion of privacy against photographers was filed with the complaint that drones were flying overhead to take pictures of their family. Meghan, 39, and Harry, 35, since then bought a home in Montecito for $14.7 million. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Window also have estates in the area.

The couple is extremely proud to work with Netflix and are eager to increase understanding and assist in building resilience for audiences. Harry and Meghan, in January, announced they were seeking financial independence as they planned to relieve themselves from their royal duties. The couple has lived in North America for part of the year. This fracas of leaving the Royal Family was labeled Megxit by the news media. This was the British Royal Family’s biggest crisis since the death of Princess Diana, Harry’s mother.