Pelosi Claims She Was Set Up for Salon Visit

Pelosi Claims She Was Set Up for Salon Visit

September 15, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

It is the sign of the times. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi found herself embroiled in controversy on Wednesday after visiting a hair salon earlier in the week.

Original Report: Pelosi’s office acknowledged on Tuesday that the California democrat had her hair styled at a salon in San Francisco. The issue at hand was Pelosi using the salon indoors while the city’s COVID-19 safety regulations mandate that all services be performed outdoors. Fox News later reported that the salon’s owner, Erica Kious, was upset that Pelosi had broken the rules by using the services inside of the building.

Pelosi’s Office Response: Pelosi’s staff originally insisted that she wore a mask while getting her hair done with the exception of the small period of time in which she had her hair washed. In the statement by Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill, her office said that she always wears a mask in addition to complying with local safety regulations.

The statement also acknowledged that Pelosi relied on what an employee at the salon said was allowed according to San Francisco’s latest round of updated safety regulations, updated last Friday. According to Hammill, the salon said that they were allowed to let one customer indoors at a time and they invited Pelosi to use their services. The speaker visited the salon at the advice of others after her regular stylist could not make it to her house.

It did not take long for video footage to surface showing Pelosi inside of the eSalon walking around without wearing a mask. The video was captured by security cameras inside the salon. In the footage, Pelosi can be seen walking from one room into the next without wearing a mask.

Pelosi Claims a Setup: Responding to the leaked video footage, Pelosi claims that she was set up. While she said that she takes responsibility for believing the word of the salon that said it was within the new rules for her to visit inside, she also said that she was set up. Pelosi also called on the salon owner to apologize for setting her up.

Owner Interview: In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday night, Kious said that it would have been impossible for her to have set up the speaker. Kious said that the security cameras have been in the salon for five years while denying that she intentionally set them up to capture Pelosi breaking the rules. Kious also pointed out that it was Pelosi’s staff that had made the appointment for her. She said that stylists rent chairs in her salon and that she was not involved in making Pelosi’s appointment.

Reaction From the President: It did not take long for President Donald Trump to condemn Pelosi for her alleged hypocrisy. Trump tweeted about the incident, retweeting a story ran by Fox News. This retweet was despite Trump refusing to wear a mask while out in public and clearly breaking social distancing protocols while out on the campaign trail.