Here’s Why Larry Page Is One of the Best Computer Scientist in the World

Here’s Why Larry Page Is One of the Best Computer Scientist in the World

September 16, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The American business mogul is a renowned internet entrepreneur and one of the brains behind Google. Earlier in his life, he teamed up with a fellow student during a research project to launch the search engine in 1998. The 47-years old computer expert was born in Michigan. Some of his role models while growing up were his parents, who also worked as computer specialists.

When the time came for him to pursue higher education, he joined Stanford University and majored in computer engineering. During his studies at the institution, Larry met his long time business partner, Sergey Brin. The search engine that listed results based on the popularity of web pages.

With time, his company has become the most popular platform in the world. The duo managed to raise about $1 million from various sources to launch Google. By 2013, the search engine had reached almost six billion searches daily. The organization has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. It went public after operating for six years, transforming the founders into billionaires.

After two years of operations as a public company, Larry Page’s company acquired the most popular platform for streaming videos, YouTube, a transaction that was valued at $1.65 billion. By his 40th birthday, the business mogul had become one of the richest people in the country. In 2015, the two businessmen reported that they had established a new organization called Alphabet.

When their company was restructured, the two entrepreneurs stepped away from the daily operations. During his career, Larry Page has become a role model for many upcoming computer scientists and entrepreneurs. One of the principles he believes in is taking enough time to recruit the best talents for any position in an organization.

Unlike many senior management officials, he believes in minimizing bureaucracy in an organization. According to him, this has a positive impact on employee morale and productivity. He believes businesses should only hire people who do the right thing naturally to achieve the primary objectives. The 47-years old business magnate insists on being part of the recruitment panel.

During his tenure as the CEO, he ensured that only people who had worked for the company for many years got an opportunity to work in the senior management team. According to Page, such individuals have already acquired enough wealth and just want to work for Google because they believe in it.

Larry Page constantly urges other entrepreneurs to focus on innovations to drive their company towards its long term goals. He believes in implementing unique ideas that can transform an organization and make the world a better place. He acknowledges that many young entrepreneurs fail because they lack self-confidence.

His advice to such people is to be persistent when it comes to their startups. However, he acknowledges that some of them may not work. For Larry, thinking big helps to attract some of the best talents who may want a challenge. He always urges other entrepreneurs to embrace continuous-improvement. For example, a software development firm should strive to add new features from time to time.