The Miracle Mets’ Player Tom Seaver Dies of Complications Linked to COVID-19

The Miracle Mets’ Player Tom Seaver Dies of Complications Linked to COVID-19

September 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Tom Seaver is a popular baseball player known for his 311 wins acquired while playing for four different baseball teams. Tom is famous for contributing towards the revival of the Miracle Mets club performance. The Mets fans often referred to him as ‘Tom Terrific.’ The retired baseball player is ranked sixth in the career list. The right-handed power pitcher managed to garner 3640 strikeouts in an estimated 20 big league seasons. Tom pitched for the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago White Sox, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Miracle Mets.

Tom Seaver met his death when aged 75. The immediate cause of death got attributed to dementia Lewy body complications, which got worsened by a COVID-19 infection. George Thomas Seaver was born to Betty Lee and Charles on 17th November 1944. The Fresno, California resident was the youngest in a family of four kids. His parents were sports enthusiasts. His mother Betty was a high school basketball player and amateur golfer. Mr. Charles was also an amateur golfer and an accomplished basketball and football player at Stanford.

Tom’s passion for sports started while he was in high school. He played baseball and basketball, but he didn’t make it to the varsity baseball team till his senior year. After completing his high school studies, Tom joined his father in the Bonner Packing Company, which produced and sold dried fruit. At the packing company, Tom helped pack and unpack crates of raisins in the warehouses. Tom worked at Bonner Packing for six months before joining the Marines. In 1963, Tom joined the Fresno City College while in a Marine Reserve unit. Tom started pitching for the college team where he started throwing 90-mile-per-hour fastballs courtesy of the strength gained at Bonner Packing and the Marines boot camp.

Tom played for the Alaska Gold-Panners in the Alaskan collegiate league in the summer of 1964. His excellent performance in these games earned him a scholarship that got him enrolled at the University of Southern California where studied dentistry. Tom was the best pitcher at the university and his continuous positive performance got him drafted by the Dodgers, but he later declined the offer from the Scout Tommy Lasorda because of what he claimed to be a low sign up bonus fee ($2000). In 1966, Tom got drafted by the Braves, and he accepted the offer because the bonus was high (at least $40,000). But by the time he had signed the contract the University of Southern California had started its season and the contract had to get voided because it is prohibited to sign up college players once the season had started. The challenge made Tom lose his scholarship because he couldn’t compete either as a pro or an amateur. As time progressed Tom pitched in the minor league for a season before he joined the Mets, and this marked his fresh start as a pro baseball player.

In the same year, Thomas Seaver got married to Nancy Lynn McIntyre, who was a college mate at Fresno City College. Nancy Lynn survives him along with his two daughters – Anne and Sarah and four grandsons – Tobin, Thomas, Henry, and William. Before his death, Seaver worked as an announcer for the Yankees and Mets after his retirement. Finally, he moved to California where his family opened a winery known as Seaver Vineyards in Calistoga.