Kanye West Is On the Ballot in Virginia

Kanye West Is On the Ballot in Virginia

September 21, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Kanye West Running As an Independent

Kanye West announced that he was running for president a few months ago. Many people have not taken him seriously, but he is on the ballot in Virginia. However, this has stirred up a lot of controversy. Some voters have stated that they were tricked into gathering signatures to get Kanye’s name on the ballot.

Virginia Voters Suing to Get Kanye Off the Ballot

A law firm in Virginia that has ties to the Democrat Party is in the process of filing a lawsuit to get Kanye off of the ballot. Attorneys who represent Perkie Colie have filed a lawsuit on behalf of two people. They stated that they had to sign an elector’s oath back in July. The oath states the electors have to support the candidate that is on the ballot.

The lawsuit says that 11 of the electors may not be valid. The people who have filed the lawsuit have also asked the court to stop Kanye’s name from being put on the ballot. Virginia is set to start mailing out ballots this month.

Kanye West has hired his own lawyers, but they have not responded to the request for comment. He announced back in July that he was running for president. He also stated that he supports Donald Trump’s reelection.

Many people in swing states are concerned that Kanye West will take away some of the votes from Joe Biden.

What One Elector Has to Say

Ilisa Stillman is one of the electors in Virginia. She is strongly opposed to having Kanye West on the ballot. She stated that she thought it was a joke at first. Another person stated that he was approached while he was out on a bike ride. He did not even know he was an elector until he saw it in the newspaper.

Additionally, a woman who is an elector stated that someone approached her while she was at the mall. She was told that she should sign a petition in order to get someone’s name on the ballot.

This is not the first time that Kanye has had issues getting on the ballot. He was taken off of the ballot in West Virginia, Illinois and Montana because he did not get a sufficient number of signatures. He was also taken off of the ballot in Ohio. The petition that was signed did not match the initial petition.