Another ‘Tiger King’ Star Indicted: Doc Antle Faces Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Another ‘Tiger King’ Star Indicted: Doc Antle Faces Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

October 16, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Netflix’s series, “Tiger King,” was one of the most outrageous yet wildly popular series to debut in 2020. As entertaining as the show may be, many of the accusations and film recordings had real life consequences for the characters. One central character and witness in the series, Doc Antle, is now learning just how real those consequences are.

 A Little More About the Doc

Bhagavan Antle, also known as Doc Antle, appeared on the “Tiger King” series as owner and operator of Myrtle Beach Safari. This private zoo nestled in South Carolina boasted a range of exotic animals, especially tigers and tiger cubs.

Doc Antle claims his portrayal in the “Tiger King” series was demeaning and fictitious. Instead, Antle maintains that the primary function of his private zoo is to protect and respect exotic wildlife. Whether or not his reputation on the show was accurate, the series led South Carolina and Virginia wildlife authorities to take a deeper look into Antle’s operations.

 Animal Cruelty Charges, Violating the Endangered Species Act, And More

Upon further investigation into Doc Antle’s zoo activities authorities also conducted an investigation on Antle’s business associate, Keith Wilson. Wilson is also a private zoo owner, claiming Wilson’s Wild Animal Park in the neighboring state of Virginia. Upon a closer look Herring Animal Law Unit soon discovered that Wilson and Antle trafficked lion cubs across state lines for profit.

With evidence of this criminal activity, a search warrant was executed in Wilson’s roadside zoo that spanned several hours. During the search in November of 2019, authorities seized over 100 animals of various species. The search also exposed evidence of rampant animal cruelty. The compiled evidence led a grand jury to indict Wilson with 46 counts of animal cruelty.

Doc Antle did not fair any better than Wilson during a search warranted executed by South Carolina Law Enforcement in December of 2019. The investigation and warrant was led by Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. Due to the various evidence discovered during the warrant, Doc Antle is now being charged with various felonies such as, conspiracy to traffic wildlife and wildlife trafficking activities. Antle has also been charged with various misdemeanor counts such as animal cruelty and conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act. Antle’s two daughters, Tilakam Watterson and Tawny Antle, also face animal cruelty charges and conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act. Antle and his daughters were officially indicted on the charges Thursday, October 8, 2020 by a Frederick County Grand Jury.

Both, Antle and his daughters maintain that the charges are untrue and go against the mission of the Myrtle Beach Safari Zoo. Currently, it is unknown who is representing Antle and his daughters in their criminal case.