Princess Eugenie Expecting A Baby

Princess Eugenie Expecting A Baby

October 16, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Princess Eugenie is the second daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. The ninety-four year of monarch has been the head of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations for over fifty years. During this time, she’s become a well known figure to millions of people around the world. Her second son, Prince Andrew, holds the title Duke of York. In this capacity, he was second in line to the throne until his older brother Prince Charles had children. While Prince Charles has had two sons and now has four grandchildren who are closer in line to the throne, Prince Andrew and his daughters are still watched by all many people in the United Kingdom and abroad.

A Marriage

When Princess Eugenie came into the world thirty years ago, all eyes were focused on her birth. Her older sister, Princess Beatrice, had the same attention. The two young girls were raised in an air of great luxury and privilege. At the same time, like other people, they have also had their fair of struggles. Princess Eugenie, named after the last empress of France, had scoliosis. This curvature of the spine can be very dangerous. When she announced she was getting married, she choose to show the scar for the surgery she had to correct it to the world with a wedding dress that made it visible. Her October 2018 marriage to Jack Brooksbank was a major royal and worldwide event.

New Plans

Her nuptials were broadcast to all corners of the globe. The bride wore a lovely dress that brought attention to her shoulders and vivid hair. On top of her head she choose a tiara that came straight from the Russian court. With a center emerald surrounded by diamonds, it was much admired. It’s obvious the princess is happy with her choice of groom. Those who have watched Eugenie bloom are not surprised to learn the couple is expecting a baby. The baby is said to be due some time in early 2021. When born, it will be the present Queen’s ninth great-grandchild. The princess and her groom are thrilled at the news and hopeful as they look to the future.

Where They Live

The princess and her husband are living on the grounds of Kensington Palace. Ivy Cottage is part of a complex of buildings in this ancient part of the United Kingdom Kensington Palace is located in the heart of London, making it an ideal home base for the couple and their desire to remain close to family and the pleasures of urban life. The Queen granted the home to the couple after they were married. They intend to remain here and raise children in the dwelling. Both Eugenie and her husband are hopeful they can continue to remain a vital part of life but the princess is expected to scale down her duties as her due date comes closer.