Eva Longoria Supporting Latino Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eva Longoria Supporting Latino Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

October 19, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Eva Longoria is among the few entertainers who understand how to balance business with pleasure. She is an avid entrepreneur with interest in several niches. Eva has always had her Latino community close to her heart. Founder of the Eva Longoria Foundation, she intends to educate and enrich Latino families with entrepreneurial skills to build better futures and develop their families. Longoria is a multi-faceted individual, with many titles from producer to activist. She never loses sight of herself, despite being enveloped in the glamor and fashion cloaking her.

Eva’s focus to uplift the Latinos communities is never tainted. Amid the struggles surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, she plays an integral role in the new coalition Momento Latino launched in July. It aims at reinforcing the Latinos communities during and after the coronavirus crisis. According to Eva Longoria’s interview with TIME 100 Talks correspondent, Ashley Ford, the coronavirus has put a magnifying glass on the inequalities and disparities in health care, education, and other sectors. The pandemic has shifted the deeply-rooted inequalities from bad to worse.

More than a third of essential U.S. workers are Latinos, according to Momento Latino. They toil as farmworkers, nurses, health care workers, drivers, doctors, and other essential services vital during the COVID-19 period. According to Eva, it means Latinos are more exposed to the coronavirus compared to other communities. Their hospitalization and death cases are briskly rising, meaning they need all the support they can get. The record numbers of coronavirus victims are alarming, and with the majority of the Latino communities on the frontline, Eva Longoria’s support should yield benefits.

The COVID-19 pandemic leaves many questions dangling in peoples’ minds. The well-documented impact of the virus is sparking fear in individuals of all races and backgrounds. Eva wonders how the small businesses will recover and whether they will get access to loans. Homeschooling children without Wi-Fi or computers is another issue of concern. The COVID-19 struggles are vivid, and the time to take charge is now. As an established businesswoman, Eva understands the value of time and how much you can lose with a blink of an eye. She attributes for hawks vision on the virus and a working-together attitude to fight the pandemic.

Other brains driving Momento Latino include a collection of activists, corporate leaders, and artists. Popular household names such as Jose Andres, Gloria Estefan, Joaquin Castro, and Henry Munoz III are up and running to ensure the initiative is successful. The unique combination of the focused individuals aims at uplifting already existing advocacy groups addressing systemic issues. Connecting the dots may be challenging for even these talented individuals, but their drive and determination is admirable. According to Eva Longoria, Momento Latino sums up what they believe in and how they can achieve it.

Eva Longoria works to provide sustainable solutions to the Latino community. Her laser-focus attitude helps her identify opportunities to help her Latino counterparts move mountains and beat the pandemic struggles. Eva continues to be among the few women giving hope to the less privileged in their communities.