Selena Quintanilla: A Musical Life Revisited Courtesy of Netflix

Selena Quintanilla: A Musical Life Revisited Courtesy of Netflix

December 16, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Netflix is known for its original programming, and its new series about the life of singer Selena Quintanilla follows the company’s formula. If you are not familiar with this artist, these programs will give you a sneak peek into her life, which was short-lived. Selena Quintanilla passed away at the young age of 23.

Her music style was based upon her roots. She is a Latin-American who brought culture and character to the musical stage. She is affectionately known simply as Selena. Like most of Netflix’s productions, this is beautiful to look at. The cinematography is impressive, and it lets the viewer escape into Selena’s life for a short time.

The family members were involved on an executive level. Her father played a significant role in her young life, and he helped her rise to stardom. Selena’s sister is also an executive player. Having these two people in the production assures the viewer that the story is close to the truth.

Some critics noted that parts of her life were not highlighted. Specifically, the fans wanted to look into her teenage years, but the series did not focus on that time frame. People were interested in this period because it was when she was building her career. Instead of attending classes and going to dances, she was performing under her father’s watchful eye.

The saga plays out over nine shows, and the last episode leaves you wanting more. This was designed on purpose so that people would return for the new season to see what happens. Of course, most people probably already know the sad ending. The stories are woven together with humor and drama, but the glue that holds the whole thing together is the music.

The young actress that portrays Selena gets glowing reviews. She makes Selena Quintanilla come to life. The writers are credited for giving this young lady a storyline that feels genuine, and when she adds her qualities, it brings the past to life. It takes more than acting abilities to pull off this role. An individual must have musical knowledge and talent, which this young woman has.

There are many supporting characters, including the man who plays her father. This must be an unusual feeling for Selena’s real dad because he participated in the show. Still, it is because of the family support that this documentary has been made.

Some critics note that the story could have been told in one season, but doing that would have robbed the viewers of most of the music. The story may have been able to be spelled out quickly, but the songs and performances are what fans genuinely want to see. Tidbits about Selena’s personal struggles and quick rise to fame make the tale painfully real. The music has a way of softening the sharp corners.

In the end, Selena Quintanilla is honored and gets to capture a spot in history for her accomplishments in the Latin-American scene. Her family wants to honor her and remind people that even if the voice is gone, the spirit is still alive.