Sweet Anita Talks About Becoming Famous on Twitch

Sweet Anita Talks About Becoming Famous on Twitch

January 1, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

How Twitch Made One Woman Famous

When Sweet Anita isn’t caring for her mother or animals, she is on Twitch. She is known for being an advocate for people with Tourette’s Syndrome and having a huge presence on Twitch. She has over 1.2 million followers on Twitch and 31,000 on Discord Server.

Sweet Anita used to play Overwatch. She loved it because it allowed her to meet new people. She was also able to meet people who had the same condition that she had. It helped her build up her confidence.

Sweet Anita also had an account with Blizzard. She wanted to hang out with them more, so she started to stream when she played Overwatch. People were curious about her, so they began doing a Google search on her. People didn’t know whether she was a voice actor, streamer or soundboard. Today, Sweet Anita is all three.

Sweet Anita’s Journey

When Sweet Anita started streaming on Twitch, she did not know that much about it. She did not know what makes a stream cool. She also did not understand why people were watching streamers on Twitch. She decided to send out the link to all of her friends.

That was when Sweet Anita’s friends discovered that she had Tourette’s Syndrome. She had trouble following all of the terms of services because of her Tics. Sweet Anita’s fame quickly grew. Kotaku did an article about her. PewDiePie featured her in one of his videos.

Sweet Anita managed to go from a following of 20 to 15,000 in just four months. She was overwhelmed by the new found fame. However, she has learned to adapt and deal with it. She knew that many people were watching her because they were curious about her condition.

Sweet Anita Rejects The Idea That She Is A Role Model

Even though Sweet Anita has a large profile, she rejects the idea that she is a role model. She stated that her intended audience is 18 and over. She stated that she does not want to be a role model because she does not want to be told about what she can and cannot do.

However, Sweet Anita wants to be an advocate for people with Tourette’s Syndrome. She learned a lot about her condition after she got the therapy that she needed. Sweet Anita couldn’t afford therapy at first, but a charity gave her the funds. Unfortunately, the charity doesn’t exist any more. Sweet Anita is raising funds to help people get therapy.

Sweet Anita’s Challenges

Sweet Anita has had to deal with online stalkers. People have also tried to hijack her content. Additionally, she feels like she is being spread too thin at times. Despite all of the challenges, Sweet Anita wouldn’t change anything.