Bryan Cranston Shines In His New Crime Drama, “Your Honor”

Bryan Cranston Shines In His New Crime Drama, “Your Honor”

January 5, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Recently, television star Bryan Cranston starred in a limited series called “Your Honor.” Although reviews have varied, most reviewers seem fairly open to this bold new series. In the series, Cranston plays a judge who risks everything in order to save his child from the consequences of a criminal act. After a lifetime of playing by the rules, this judge must learn to walk on the wild side to save his family.

Cranston is already receiving critical accolades for his nuanced portrayal of judge Michael Desiato. In the series premiere, Michael learns that his son has killed another teenager in a hit-and-run accident. Because Michael is a widower, he feels unique pressure to protect his son from harm.

At first, Michael and his son plan to settle the crisis legally. When he discovers that his son’s victim was the son of a vicious crime boss, Michael makes an audacious plan. With the help of his own high-priced lawyer and mob-connected friend, Michael sets out to hide any evidence of his son’s crime. “Your Honor” gets a lot of mileage out of the strangeness of a judge engaging in criminal activities.

The series quickly evolves into a kind of reverse detective story. As the tension builds, Michael and his crew search for any possible clues that could lead to disaster for Michael and his family. Even as he struggles to protect his son from prison, Michael commits acts that draw him further into legal jeopardy. Though its not yet clear how the public will receive this series, Cranston has plenty of diehard fans who will surely give this show a chance. Only time will tell if “Your Honor” will reach the commercial heights of BB.

Adapted from a hit Israeli drama series, “Your Honor” is one of the most acclaimed series from producers Peter Moffat and Robert King. Moffat should be familiar to many viewers as the co-creator of “The Good Wife.” This 10-part series shares some plot details with “Defending Jacob,” a new series on Apple TV. Still, Cranston’s tortured performance helps “Your Honor” maintain a unique feel. This series does share some similarities with “Breaking Bad,” (BB) the AMC series that first put Cranston on the map. At the same time, “Your Honor” has plenty of originality. This series is sure to find a receptive audience. After an early start in comedic series like “Malcom In The Middle,” Bryan Cranston achieved legendary status through his portrayal of BB’s Walter White.