Former Israeli Space Security Chief, Haim Eshed, Eludes To Long-Standing Relationship With Extraterrestrials

Former Israeli Space Security Chief, Haim Eshed, Eludes To Long-Standing Relationship With Extraterrestrials

January 12, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

We’ve made contact, so the former Israeli Space Security Chief, Haim Eshed, is touting. December 7th brought some exciting news regarding our extraterrestrial counterparts. In Hebrew, the interview ran on Friday and gained traction after published in English by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. The kicker of this is Eshed proposed that President Trump knew about it all along but kept tight-lipped.

Are We Superior?

This story is particularly fascinating because I have often wondered what it would be like traveling through the galaxy. Earth and its inhabitants have promulgated for untold years we are superior beings. We’ve always been in doubt there are other life-supporting planets like Earth out there. As an avid watcher of space online and a die-hard Trekkie, my hopes became renewed when this story appeared on December 8th at Yes, the story has holes as big as the Grand Canyon, one being Trump not spilling the beans regarding this factoid. He’s not one to keep anything under his hat for very long.

A Galactic Federation

The former official sent shockwaves through our planet by saying earthlings are in contact with extraterrestrial beings from a “galactic federation.” A respected professor, Eshed, eluded that the aliens exist, they’re here, curious about humanity and, like us, seek to understand “the fabric of the universe.” Eshed stated agreements exist between our species, including an underground facility deep within planet Mars where American astronauts and alien representatives work together in harmony sharing knowledge.

Keeping The Secret

Eshed also believed President Donald Trump was aware of these extraterrestrials’ existence and getting ready to reveal the information but asked to keep it secret to prevent the sort of mass hysteria this kind of news could foster. However, is this a big secret or even a surprise to most open-minded humanoids? As early as 1639, John Winthrop, the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor, recounted fellow Puritans’ experiences. One such occurrence stirred concern within the colony. James Everell, a quiet, reserved gentleman, spoke of a great light in the sky darting to and fro between Charlestown’s fishermen and village. After the glowing apparition faded from the sky, the trio found themselves suddenly transported 1 mile upriver.

Humanity And Their Ability To Understand

The Galactic Federation wanted humanity to reach a point where we possessed a mature general understanding of space and spaceships before revealing all the facts. Eshed only spoke up now because our perceptions were changing, and people seemed more receptive to the idea that life does exist on other planets, and the Earth is currently in cahoots with them. He feared if he had spoken up years ago, he would’ve gotten relegated to the sanitarium. To Eshed’s defense, back in May, Trump touted that space is the future, both in terms of security and offense; we’re currently leaders on the subject of outer space. This statement, immediately followed by presenting the official flag of a newly created military branch, Space Force. This news only reinforced Eshed’s decision to come forward with the information.

To all who read this article: “Wej pagh Qu’ QobtaHvIS ghaH, pagh quvHa’ghach QaQ.” For those who don’t speak Klingon, this translates to “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.” So, keep your eyes to the stars and an open mind, and you could meet an Andorian, Vulcan, Borg, or a Tholian soon.