Pope Francis Discusses the Moral Benefits of Getting COVID-19 Vaccination

Pope Francis Discusses the Moral Benefits of Getting COVID-19 Vaccination

January 26, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Since the coronavirus outbreak, there have been a considerable number of conspiracy theories trying to allocate blames on everything possible out there in the world. Some people have been saying that China deliberately manufactured the virus as a biological weapon. Others have been saying that everything has to do with the current trade wars between China and the United States. However, as the trends have shown, the blame has now turned to the use of vaccine doses that are rolling out in different parts of the world.

Pope Francis on COVID-19 Vaccine

There have been very many dissenting voices around the globe that are currently questioning the authenticity of the current vaccine that people want to get. Conspiracy theorists have been highlighting that vaccines aim to introduce microchips into millions of people for censorship and control purposes. Others have been stressing that the vaccine has been manufactured with the aim of rendering people infertile to control the world’s population.

However, one of the critical issues facing the current vaccine rollout is the increased religious, moral question challenging the use of the vaccine, especially among Christians. Christianity, mostly the Roman Catholic, has been known to be against various types of vaccines for many years. However, this time, the church has a different approach and is currently encouraging its population around the world to get vaccinated.

Pope Francis is Getting COVID-19 Vaccination

The congregation of senior Roman Catholic bishops at the Vatican has determined that it is morally right for people to get coronavirus jab. For the first time, Pope Francis has weighed on this matter and requested all the catholic followers around the world to consider taking this vaccine as a moral decision and obligation for saving the world’s population.

According to Pope Francis, it is the responsibility of a human being to protect the other individual’s health. Anything that a person undertakes with the sole purpose of protecting the other person does not contravene with the teachings of the catholic beliefs. Still, it is consistent with the teachings of the bible. In this case, people taking the coronavirus vaccine are not only protecting their health but that of other people in their communities, which makes everything useful and consistent with the bible.

The Vatican is Getting Vaccinated

Pope Francis also indicated that there is a plan to get everyone in the Vatican vaccinated in the next few days to reduce the spread of the virus in the community. The Vatican has been one of the significant areas in Italy where the number of positive cases has been on a gradual increase, and getting the necessary vaccination will play a critical role in reversing the current challenges.

During vaccination at the Vatican, Pope Francis is also in line to get vaccinated to ensure all the Roman Catholics around the globe undertake the vaccine. Pope Francis also encouraged developed countries to produce the current vaccine in mass and help all the developing countries in the world to access the vaccine so that they can save populations in such countries.