Family Trip Ideas to Start Planning for Summer 2021

Family Trip Ideas to Start Planning for Summer 2021

February 22, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

After the Covid-19 pandemic, you really ought to consider the vacations that are on top of your bucket list. We can’t freely travel at the moment, and while you are in isolation or social distancing, you may find your daydreaming is frequent more than ever. Are you wondering where to take the kids next once the world reopens? You are not alone. According to numerous surveys, once travel kicks off, people will be more inclined to participate and invest in all-inclusive family trips and other big-ticket adventures.

In the coming few months, most people will get the much awaited vaccine and from that point onwards, the sky will be the limit for family vacation ideas. More good news is that the world’s best tour operators and spots are also ready and looking forward to the year 2021 too. Here are some of the top family vacation ideas and packages to help accelerate your travel dreams, as we wait to fully recover from the pandemic.

Take a Riverboat and Drift on the Rhine

One of the best ideas on where to take a journey with your kids is exploring Europe by river, preferably an all-inclusive vacation tailored to include kids with all expenses paid up-front. Family vacation packages features private shore excursions, port charges, all gratuities, and hotel (if you chose to stay on-land).

The adventure starts in Amsterdam and goes through other cities like Basel, Koblenz, Lucerne, Cologne, and Strasburg. The eight-day European river adventure by Tauck gets you on shore on a daily bases to enable families to try out other traveling experiences such as cycling alongside river Rhine, riding one of the steepest cogwheel train found in the Swiss Alps. You can also have a private dinner with family and tour at the moated castle of Burg Satzvey, and explore the centuries old hilltop ruins of Heidelberg castle. While journeying through the river, guests are also surprised with a “Carnival night” and “French for a Day” themed activities.

The package for the all-inclusive family trip begins at $4,590 per person and commences its journey on particular dates in June and July 2021.

Take a Relaxing family beach outing on Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii is always the leading destination in the world when vacation comes to mind. Booking reservation at the Four Season Resort Hualalai is the ultimate idea for a family vacation, perfect for parents and kids alike. The Big Island has beautiful white-sand beaches encircling it, and a black lava landscape. This family-friendly resort also features incredible seven swimming pools, a marvelous kid’s club, plus an only teens allowed lounge. When you want to take a break from your surly teen, this is the ideal location. You can receive a lower rate of 20% from the normal going rate if you make time to apply at least 60 days ahead, ending March 30, 2021.

If you are interested in snorkeling, you and your loved ones can attend and learn from a professional at the resort’s lava rock aquarium with a volume capacity of 1.8 million-gallons. Ka’upulehu Cultural Center is an educative place for both kids and adults. They can learn everything about anything they are drawn to; from playing the ukulele to traditional star navigation. After you have your stomach full of the resort, you are welcome to head to any of the many beaches in the island, for more sun bathing, swimming and snorkeling. You can also spend the day taking in the whale watch or explore the wonders of nature by watching lava as it flows at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.