Tesla’s Ex-Chief Engineer Develops A New Car – And Claims Its Better Than Tesla

Tesla’s Ex-Chief Engineer Develops A New Car – And Claims Its Better Than Tesla

February 23, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Peter Rawlinson has big and numerous targets for the Lucid Air. Chief among them is the car to be recognized as the fastest car in the world. In a Zoom chat from his 300-year-old farmhouse in Warwickshire, England, Peter acknowledges that nobody is yet to believe in his vision. However, soon enough, Lucid Air is going to take it to the next level. The farmhouse is his home when he’s not busy at Lucid Motor’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

He had a similar feeling while he was working as Tesla’s chief engineer for the Model S over ten years ago. The breakthrough of Model S took the world by surprise back in 2012. Before that, no one was willing to give the model S the benefit of doubt. The criticism towards it was chilling. The atmosphere is the same with Lucid Air. No one sees its potential, peter remarks.

The “Dream” model edition of Lucid Air is certainly designed to make jaws drop. It surpasses the Model S with 517 miles per charge. This makes it top in the electric car sector. It has a faster recharging rate and capable of accelerating from 0 miles-per-hour to 60 miles-per-hour in slightly over two seconds. Tesla responded later this year with a “Plaid+” Model S having an acceleration rate of less than 2 seconds and capable of traveling for 520 miles with one charge. This according to a statement made by Elon Musk in January. The initial Lucid Air customer is expecting delivery this spring.

Rawlinson is an ambitious fellow and is willing to venture far beyond making rich drivers happy with the $169,000 luxury vehicle. His more elaborate plan is leveraging the Air’s 1.080 – horsepower propulsion technology. This is the most efficient globally according Rawlinson when it comes to cheap electric cars. Rawlinson targets to be selling thousands of mid-$40,000 electric vehicles and also assist big vehicle manufacturers to sell $25,000 mass-market Electric Vehicles. This same plan is also being pursued by his former boss, Elon Musk. Rawlinson is also targeting to manufacture his cars in Saudi Arabia’s first electric auto plant.

Being a part of the new wave of electric cars, “Air” will benefit from economical lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are supplied globally for Electric Vehicle parts and the increasing customer’s interest.

Joe Biden, the new United States President, has signed directives to encourage the federal government to abandon Fossil-fuel powered vehicles and replace them with Electric automobiles. The government’s fleet amounts to hundreds of thousands of trucks and cars. Biden has unveiled his plans to develop new public charging stations for Electric cars in all states. He also promises to provide federal tax incentives for EV purchases.

The dominant companies in the automotive industry are eager to be a part of this shift. General Motors, for example, has laid out a strategy to start producing Electrics only by 2035. Volkswagen and Ford are accelerating their plans to divert from fossil-fuels as well.

Based on Morgan Stanley analyst, Adam Jonas, predictions, the sales of Electric Vehicle are projected to increase by 50% globally in 2021. California, being the major market for EVs in the United States and home to both Tesla and Lucid, is the starting point for the increase and will potentially become America’s Norway for cars powered by battery. Norway is estimated to be 15 years ahead of the entire world with a 50% penetration rate.