Shonda Rhimes Introduces New Approach to Shondaland Productions Through Bridgerton

Shonda Rhimes Introduces New Approach to Shondaland Productions Through Bridgerton

March 3, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Bridgerton is one of the many works of perfection done by Shonda Rhimes. The multi-series struck a deal with Netflix and has attracted a large viewership on the platform. Bridgerton offers a different pace from other works of the Shonda Rhimes. Shondaland has produced films like How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Previous Work

In the last 15 years, Shonda Rhimes has worked with ABC; she has applied a blunt story approach to shifting the game for most popular characters multiple times throughout a series. Bridgerton would proceed to run as anticipated until an abrupt crossfade or slow pan led to The Past. In Scandal, Olivia Pole thought twice about her engagement to the United States president. In Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Meredith recalled her difficult childhood before thinking of her adult life.

On How to Get Away with Murder, the law students reflected on evading traces in a murder. This always altered the dynamics of a show. It is an apparent pull from the soap operas, which are filled with coincidences, turns, and revisions. However, Shonda Rhimes achieves this in a glorious way. In the TV world, there is always something exciting about the possible events of anything happening.

The flashback scenes could appear clunky given the linear timeframes of the shows. However, these parts provide momentum to the present and past worlds. It does not stop to reward the audience who keep watching this complicated drama.

Adding Story Tweaks

Even when Shonda brings up the element of twists and turns in her show, some of the viewers are hesitant about embracing the sudden changes in perception. Most prefer exploring the twist and turns along the way. That tactic in film production is particularly effective since it is evident in Bridgerton. An ideal set up for flashbacks to bring issues is portrayed in the series from Van Dusen.

The dating scene in the Regency period in London introduces this aspect. Most of the main plot in the first season is hooked on the promise of a continuous royal hierarchy. It is story arc films such as The Crown that have brought about the idea of spanning decades. Consequently, Bridgerton enthusiasts find out the inspirations of Simon Basset, the leading character in the series, although mainly through flashbacks.

Regé-Jean Page plays the role of Simon Basset in the Netflix series. It is the same structure applied by Shonda Rhimes to provide depth to lead characters such as Annalise Keating. She presents them as a part of the continuous dramatic lives that go beyond the existing events in the film. Simon Basset is a more interactive character in Bridgeton.

This makes his narrative prospects more compelling. The character of Simon Basset was initially envisioned by Quinn. The series is based on the Bridgerton books written by Quinn. The presentation of Van Dusen of the Simon Basset character via an ideal format by Shonda Rhimes is a thrilling development.

The Takeaway

Whereas the Netflix thrill from Shonda may be a bit different from her work on ABC, Bridgerton is worth watching. She presents a film worth the applaud and fame.