Six Republican Senators Vote for Impeachment of Former President Donald Trump

Six Republican Senators Vote for Impeachment of Former President Donald Trump

March 4, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

In the last few weeks, most of the media houses have been reporting about the possible president Trump impeachment process that has been a major point of discussion around the country. These are news that has been trending since Capitol Hill was attacked by a huge number of people who were supporting President Trump and his fraud allegations of the 2020 presidential elections.

Generally, the impeachment process has been based on the fact that the president supported an insurrection on Capitol Hill by encouraging his supporters to storm the building and highjack a constitutional process that was taking place to confirm Joe Biden as the president-elect in the country. However, there have been very many people who have been wondering whether the whole impeachment process would take place.

The legality of the Impeachment Process

The United States constitution has not been express in highlighting whether a president who has left office can be subjected to an impeachment process. This has been the primary point of discussion with most of the people supporting the former president, highlighting that there is no legal ground for impeaching an officeholder who is no longer holding any office during the time of impeachment.

However, there have been multiple interpretations of the law that have all been focused on either impeaching or not impeaching the president, with each side of the political divide sticking with their views. The aim of the entire impeachment process is to bear such individuals from holding offices in the future and demonstrating to those who have what has been described as motives against the constitution from holding political offices.

Voting on the Impeachment Process

With both the two leading political factions heavily holding their positions without shifting, the Senate was forced into a voting process that was highly focused on determining the direction that the entire process would take. With Democrats holding the majority, it is obvious that the impeachment process would have passed. Everything has been made easier for the Democratic faction due to the six Republican senators who voted for the impeachment of the former president.

There is no doubt that Democratic Senators have their days in the impeachment process, and the former president will soon be subjected to a trial process in the coming weeks. However, there are major questions as to whether a conviction would be achieved due to the higher threshold that is currently needed to move in the direction of conviction. There are Republican senators that will vote for conviction purposes, but it remains to be seen as to whether the number will be enough for convictions to go ahead.

President Biden and Impeachment Process

There are very many people around the country who have been asking questions as to what role the president is playing in the entire impeachment process. However, as the president highlighted at the beginning, he is not involved in the impeachment process as a whole. He has allowed the senators to handle their jobs independently and without interference from the White House.