Why Capital Police Department is Fighting to Remain Relevant

Why Capital Police Department is Fighting to Remain Relevant

March 26, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

The Capitol Police has been in the news in the last few months both for good reasons and, in some cases, for bad reasons. Every person in the country has an opinion in this department, and this is a dent that is likely to remain for very many years to come. Those in this department have now been left in a situation whereby they don’t know whether they need to enhance their reputation or they need to maintain the status quo with regard to what happened on January 6.

Protecting the Capital Building and the Senators Inside

One of the stand-out aspects that will be remembered for years to come is that most of those who were on duty during this day played a critical role in protecting the capital building and the senators who were continuing with their activities in the Senate. If the police were not present, it is surprising and traumatizing as to what would have happened and how the country would have responded to the blatant disrespect for the rule of law.

Aiding an Attack on a Federal Building

Although even some police died during the January 6 attack, there have been reports across the country that most of the members of this department played a central role in aiding the attack. Most of them were just watching or ignoring that anything wrong was happening, which is very uncharacteristic of most of the police departments around the country, which are known to use the deadliest of forces for slight provocation.

There have been additional reports that most of the police officers in this department assumed that the attack was not likely to happen based on racism and other discriminatory tendencies. There is an argument that if the attack was conducted by people of color, everything would have gone out of control, and there is a feeling that very many people would have been killed, claims which the department has refused.

Anti-Semitic Accusations

News reaching most of the media houses across the country is that one of the capital police officers has been found with anti-Semitic printed messages while on work duty. The officer has since been suspended, and investigations have already started to understand why the police officer had such messages and what he intended to do with the derogative messages. This now brings the question as to whether the accusations being highlighted with regard to racism in the department have a tangible point of reference.